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Royal Society of SA Inc
c/- SA Museum
North Terrace
SA 5005

Telephone: 61+ 8 8207 7590



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The Royal Society of South Australia is a Learned Society whose interest is in Science, particularly, but not only, of South Australia. The current interests of members are chiefly in the fields of botany, zoology, biochemistry, geology, geomorphology, palaeontology, geophysics, anthropology, biophysics, soil science and environmental science. However, people with interests in other fields of Science are most welcome. For current Officers of the Society, click on Officers on sidebar.

The Society's Rooms are located behind the South Australian Museum and South Australian State Library, enter by Morgan Thomas Lane off Kintore Avenue. The current office hours are 12 noon to 3 pm Fridays.




Royal Society of SA Inc
c/- SA Museum
North Terrace
South Australia, 5000. 
Fax : 08 8207 7222
Tel. messages: 08 8207 7590 (answered Fridays)



The Royal Society of SA can be traced back to 1834 when the South Australian Literary and Scientific Association was formed in Adelphi Chambers, London. Amongst the members present were men such as Gouger, Hanson, Giles, Wakefield, Morphett, Torrens, and Hindmarsh. A library chest of books destined for the SA Literary and Scientific Association eventually arrived in South Australia, but meetings of the Association soon ceased. These books formed the basis of what was eventually to become the State Library.

On 10th Jan 1853, the Philosophical Society of Adelaide was founded for "the diffusion and advancement of the Arts and Sciences". One of the early matters discussed was the formation of a Museum to illustrate the natural history of the Colony. By1859 the Philosophical Society was incorporated under the SA Institute Act. However it foundered to some extent until the establishment of the University of Adelaide, which apparently revitalised the Society.

In 1880, the Philosophical Society received royal patronage and became the Royal Society of SA. At the same time, its journal became the Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia.

For further information on the past presidents of the society, click on history on sidebar.


There are five classes of members: Honorary Fellows, Sustaining Fellows, Fellows, Associate Fellows and Student Fellows. For further information on membership, click on Membership on sidebar.

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, March to November inclusive, for ordinary business, the reading of papers and the presentation of exhibits of scientific interest. An invited lecture is normally arranged for each meeting. These meetings are usually held in the Society's Rooms. Meetings are occasionally organised jointly with other kindred societies and may be held elsewhere. Occasional Symposia on topical issues are also organised by the Society. Click on sidebar for program.

Members receive a monthly Newsletter informing them of activities within the Society. Members also receive the journal Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, which is listed in Current Contents and has an Impact Factor of 0.525 (2008). The Society has also produced other occasional publications, which may be purchased by members and non-members at exceptionally low prices. For further information on publications, including examples of papers in the Transactions, and Instructions to Authors, click on Publications on sidebar.

The Society maintains a library in its meeting rooms. The Transactions are exchanged for the journals of a large number of other societies and research institutions. This has enabled the Society to build up a large reference library with over 1,000 titles, which may be used by both members and non-members. For further information on the library, click on Library on sidebar.

The Society has a number of Awards and Medals which are presented annually for meritorious scholarship in any of the scientific fields mentioned above. For further information click on Awards and Medals on sidebar.

For links to kindred societies and organizations, click on Links on sidebar.

Although the Society has a long tradition of scientific research in SA, it is a progressive society and attempts to meet the needs of its current membership. Members are encouraged to provide constructive comments to the Society Secretary, which will improve the services provided to members. Contact the Society via

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