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Interviews & Auditions

Some of our degrees have extra application requirements on top of the normal SATAC process.

For example, you'll need to sit the Undergraduate Medicine Admissions Test (or UMAT) as part of your application for our Medicine and Surgery or Dental Surgery degrees, and if invited, undergo a structured interview. The UMAT is held once a year, usually towards the end of July. You need to register to sit the UMAT by early June of that year. Visit the UMAT website for more information.

For our Oral Health program, you'll need to undergo an interview.

For most of our Music degrees, you'll be required to undergo an audition as part of the application process.

For our Veterinary Bioscience program, you are required to submit a questionnaire and if invited, undergo an oral interview.

Please use Degree Finder to check all the admission requirements for degrees you are interested in prior to applying.


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