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Entrance Criteria

It's great that you want to come to uni. The earlier you can start researching the degrees you're interested in and what you need to to get in to those degrees - the better.

Here are our top tips:

Plan ahead. It's never too early to start thinking about your uni options. If you're in Year 10, use Degree Finder to find out what subjects you might need to take in Year 11 and 12.

Degree Finder is your friend. Use our Degree Finder to help find out which of our degrees suit your interests.

Check the requirements. If you've found a degree (or more than one degree) you like, check Degree Finder to be sure of exactly what's required to get into that degree.

All prerequisite subjects must be passed for your SACE (or equivalent) to be offered a place.  Assumed knowledge subjects are knowledge you'll be assumed to know prior to starting your degree  - you do not need these subjects to be accepted onto your chosen degree, but it may have implications for your program if you have not studied them.

Additional requirements. Some of our degrees, in addition to ATAR scores and prerequisites, have additional entrance criteria such as application processes. Do the degrees you're interested in (particularly Medicine, Dentistry, Oral Health or Music) have additional application requirements like the UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine Admission Test), oral assessments or auditions?

Talk to people. Get input from others about your options: your teachers and counsellors at school; people who are in the jobs that you're interested in; your friends and family; and don't forget us! We're always happy to talk through what you could study here, and what you need to do at school in order to meet our requirements.

Stay flexible. It's great if you know exactly what you want to do at uni, but try and have a back-up option in case thinks do not go at planned.  A great place to start is our alternative pathways page which can provide some inspiration on alternative degrees to consider and still provide a pathway into your preferred degree.

Come to Open Day. Our annual Open Day is a great way to get a taste of uni life, find out more about particular courses and get your questions answered.


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