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Changing My Password

Have you forgotten your password? Has your password expired?  Do you want to change your password for security reasons? Whatever the reason, you can now change your password with this simple 3-step guide:

Did you know that your account will lock if a device or computer storing an old or incorrect password attempts to connect to our services?

Many mobile devices attempt to connect to a wireless network or email automatically in the background. After 25 'bad' attempts, your account will lock and then unlock 30 minutes later. To prevent future lockouts, you must do the following:

Any questions? Call the Service Desk on +61 8 8313 3000

I've prevented future lockouts – take me to Step 2: Change My Password.

Simply follow the flow chart below for information on how to reset or change your password depending on your needs, then go to the corresponding number in "Your Options" below for instructions.

Changing your password

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Your Options

  • 1. Password Manager

    You can change your password and reset a forgotten password online in Password Manager

  • 2. North Terrace

    Go to Ask Adelaide on Level 3, Hub Central with your University ID card or another form of photo ID.

  • 3. Waite

    Go to the Technology Services office in Room 120 of the Charles Hawker Building (adjacent Undergraduate Computing Suites) with your University ID card or another form of Photo ID. Alternatively you can visit the Waite Hub (Basement, McLeod House - below the Aroma Cafe).

  • 4. Roseworthy

    Go to the Main Building with your University ID card or another form of photo ID.

  • 5. Unable to present in person

    If you are unable to attend a campus in person, complete a Password Reset Form and fax/email it to Ask Adelaide. We'll then fax or mail a new temporary password that you can use to create your own personal password via Password Manager.

To find out more, call Ask Adelaide on +61 8 8313 5208

Password Expiry

Your password will expire every 360 days. You will receive a reminder email prior to expiry. If your password expires, but you still remember the old password, the Technology Service Desk can reactivate your old password for a short time so you can change your password via Password Manager.

Want to know more? Contact the Service Desk on +61 8 8313 3000 or

I've changed my password – take me to Step 3: Update My Password.

Now that your password has been successfully changed, you should restart your computer and update your saved email password

Want to know more? Contact the Service Desk on +61 8 8313 3000 or


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