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Founder Journeys

Being a successful entrepreneur is about more than starting a new venture every other day. It means bringing the right attitude, energy and a thirst for change.

Here some of our Founders share their journey.

Animate Your Science

Dr Tullio Rossi - An animation a day helps knowledge gain sway

A business idea often comes from applying your unique perspective and experience to solve a problem.

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Sean Grealy - Innovating with heart to improve aged care

TryEntrepreneurs and start-ups are synonymous with many things. Innovation’s right up there, of course, along with energy, vision and self-belief.

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Inovor Technologies

Dr Matthew Tetlow - From our space to outer space

From the beginning Dr Matthew Tetlow set his sights on a career of high achievement – atmospherically high.

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Life Whisperer

Dr Jonathan Hall, Dr Michelle Perugini & Dr Don Perugini - AI brought to life

Ask most people on the street whether artificial intelligence, or AI, has arrived and the answer will likely be no. “Hey, run into any Blade Runner-esque ‘replicants’ at the supermarket lately?” But speak to scientists at the cutting edge, and you’ll get a different perspective.

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Phostech Reality

Chris George - Coding his own 'reality'

Something big is coming. Soon, perhaps in no more than two years’ time, a technological tipping point will be reached. Our society will shift, en masse, from hand-held smartphones to wearable, mixed-reality devices. Futurists call it the Fourth Wave. ThincLab tenant Chris George calls it his time.

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David Bowley - Opening new possibilities and bottling great wine

Ask yourself if you have the energy, confidence and entrepreneurial smarts to bring your vision to life?

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