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Summer Research Scholarships

Each year, the School of Animal & Veterinary Sciences, along with their many research partners located on the Roseworthy campus, offer Summer Scholarships to outstanding undergraduate students.

The Summer Scholarships allow students to participate in a research project for a period of up to 6 weeks to "get a taste" of what research is really about.

  • The Benefits of a Summer Research Scholarship:
    • You get to participate in an actual research project and work with some of the world's top scientists
    • You get paid while you do it
    • You get valuable work experience that you can include on your CV
    • You get to know potential Honours/PhD supervisors
    • You get to see if you really do want to become a researcher in this field
  • Are you Eligible?
    • You need to be a current University Undergraduate student. Some scholarships (e.g. offered by CRCs) may be open to students from Universities other than Adelaide.
    • Usually you will need to have completed a minimum of 2 years of study. Some scholarships will allow students that have just completed their Bachelor degree or outstanding 1st year students
    • You should have at least a Credit average for your grades. Always include a copy of your academic record with your application.
    • Some Scholarships will require that you are an Australian citizen or a permanent resident - always check
    • You should submit a paragraph (or two) outlining your reasons for wanting to complete the summer research scholarship and how this will help you in your future career.
    • There are two types of Summer Research Scholarships available

    ** PLEASE NOTE: We recommend students apply for both Scholarships. **

Organisation Research Scholarships Closing Dates Submit Applications to:
Adelaide Summer Research Scholarship 2016-2017

Research Scholarships are available at the University of Adelaide. The purpose of the scholarships is to encourage undergraduate students to consider undertaking postgraduate study at the University of Adelaide leading to a career involving research.

Click here to apply 

The closing date is 7 October 2016. However, please submit to the School by 4th October 2016

SUBMIT to the School by 4th October 2016

If you wish to apply, please ensure that you complete the application form with your project supervisor details and expected start date and submit it to the SASO, Williams Building, Roseworthy Campus to obtain approval from the School.

Applications can be submitted via email to:

The School will then submit your application to the Scholarships Office on your behalf (and give you a copy if you want one).

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences Summer Research Scholarships

2016-2017 Summer Research Scholarships are available through the School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences (Roseworthy Campus).

There are six Summer Research Scholarships available.

24 October 2016 Senior Academic Support Officer, Williams Building, Roseworthy Campus

School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences

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