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Please refer to the latest 2017 edition of the ANZCCART News below:

  • Volume 30, Issue 3

    Inside This Edition

    • ANZCCART Formally Endorses ARRIVE and PREPARE Guidelines
    • NHMRC publishes New Guidelines

    Recent Articles of Interest

    • Zebrafish larvae could help to personalize cancer treatments
    • PETA targets early-career wildlife researcher.  Critics say animal rights organization is trying to intimidate vulnerable scientists
    • Revamp animal research rules, report urges research organizations call for single agency to be in charge, but critics raise concern
    • Alzheimer's Disease might be a "whole body" problem
  • Volume 30, Issue 2

    Inside This Edition

    • Moves to Tighten Research Statistical Parameters and Their Potential Ramifications for Animal Use
    • ANZCCART AEC Members of the Year Announced
    • In Search of a Category C (Animal Welfare) Member for Your AEC?
    • 2017 ANZCCART Conference in Review

    Recent Articles of Interest

    • Tickling Improves Laboratory Rat Welfare
    • Sea Snakes Lose Their Stripes to Deal With Pollution
    • Fish Reveal Clues to Healing Spinal Cord Injuries
    • New Animal Models for Hepatitis C Could Pave the Way for a Vaccine
  • Volume 30, Issue 1

    Inside This Edition

    • The 3Rs - Is it a question of perspective?
    • Changes in the ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award
    • ANZCCART Conference 2017: Maintaining Social License in a Changing World

    Recent Articles of Interest

    • Results of mouse studies substantially affected by the way the animals are handled.
    • Pain Assessment in Ruminants Made Easy
    • The mischief of mice. The world's favourite lab animal has been found wanting, but there are new twists in the mouse's tale.
    • Animal models: Unlock your inner salamander
    • Behind New Zealand's wild plan to purge all pests
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