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Beacon Taskforces

Beacon for Learning and Teaching Taskforce

The Beacon for Learning and Teaching Taskforce (BLTT) drives the development of a compelling, irresistible educational proposition.

This Taskforce oversees the implementation of the Learning and Teaching aspects of the Beacon of Enlightenment. The Taskforce will work with Faculties and central areas to retain and enhance the students' learning experience at the University of Adelaide through a number of initiatives, including:

  • the union of teaching and research
  • small group discovery experience
  • distinctive international experiences
  • deeper understanding of indigenous issues and culture
  • creation of a suite of Advanced Bachelor programs
  • clear statement of the Adelaide Graduate Attributes
  • enhanced online resources

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Beacon for Research and Research Training

The Beacon for Research and Research Training Taskforce will seek ways to strengthen our capacity to attract international research professors and retain the next generation of research leaders. The Taskforce will design and implement initiatives to enhance our research capacity and intensify University collaboration with external partners.

The Taskforce will also work closely with the Beacon for Learning and Teaching Taskforce to develop a culture of small group discovery and ensure our leading researchers are inspiring our undergraduate students through the nexus of learning and teaching.

Specifically, the Beacon for Research and Research Training Taskforce will:

  • Recruit at least 10 high profile research professors from the top 1% in their field
  • Double the number of PhD scholarships to attract more front-rank PhD students internationally
  • Increase exposure to research at the undergraduate level
  • Better embrace State and Federal innovation agendas and intensify collaboration with industry to generate productivity outcomes
  • Establish an Interdisciplinary Research Investment fund to facilitate nimble and adaptive responses to social, economic and environmental challenges
  • Form a minimum of at least 5 additional high-profile international research partnerships
  • Establish a Waite Consortium – one of the most powerful concentrations of agriculture, food and wine research in the world
  • Ensure that by 2020 over 80% of our research fields are ranked 4 or 5 in ERA and rank 150 or below in the Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities

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Inspiring Enablers Taskforce

The Inspiring Enables Taskforce has responsibility for managing the transformation of the University to realise the vision of the Beacon of Enlightenment.

This taskforce, working with the Beacon for Learning and Teaching Taskforce and Beacon for Research Taskforce, will deliver the key people, infrastructure, technology, process and engagement strategies that encompass the strategic plan. Initiatives will include:

  • supporting the attraction of high performing researchers
  • launching the 140th Anniversary University Campaign to increase donations and gifts
  • executing a brand campaign to support the new strategic plan
  • reviewing space standards, occupancy and timetabling to improve utilisation
  • continued planning to relocate medical, nursing and dental clinical schools to new RAH precinct
  • financing Infrastructure Investment Strategy to support facility and technology development
  • automating key transactional services to improve efficiency of service delivery
  • developing a balanced scorecard covering key institutional performance measures

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