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Annual Reporting


Since establishing in 2005, ACAD has achieved over $20M worth of grant funding success by its six principal grant holders. This represents a significant achievement for the Centre, and overall a solid performer for the School and Faculty of Sciences' research income.

Funding allocations


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ACAD's principal source of Category 1 funding is the Australian Research Council, which supports close to 90% of the centre's staffing profile. Of the $20+M worth of funding awarded, $7.9M is attributed to Fellowship grants, followed by $5M for Discovery, $3.2M toward Centre of Excellence, with the remainder toward LIEF schemes and other sources. A further $13M was awarded where an ACAD member was listed as a partner investigator with funding distributed to other areas of the university and/or organisations. Our Centre also has a DNA Forensic Facility for cutting-edge forensic research and service delivery to Police agencies, Defence and humanitarian organisations, where consultancy income is sourced.


As a leading internationally recongnised Centre, ACAD is committed to mentoring early career researchers with its annual training workshops, national and international student internships and research visitors. ACAD has hosted numurous visitors and offered training in ancient DNA laboratory protocols, data handling/analysis, bioinformatics, forensic and Next Generation Sequencing techniques. These visits have been intergral to our grant and published work achievements, as well as fostering collaborative links.


Community engagement

ACAD's research appears regularly in print, radio and on-line media, including documentaries and TV programs (Scope, Totally Wild, Catalyst), and we often conduct research talks for primary/high school students. As a research partner to the Genographic Project, ACAD (with the support of National Geographic Society, IBM Australia, Waitt Family Foundation, the Environment Institute and Royal Institution of Australia) conducted a Public Cheek Swab campaign in 2010 - the third city in the world to host a public check swab event. The Genographic Project is a landmark global study of humankind's collective ancient migratory journey out of Africa some 60,000 years ago, via information carried in our DNA. Over 800,000 people around the world have taken part to create a vast database of the human history, and Adelaide residents got to participate. The event took place at the Adelaide Central Market, which was followed with a 'Results' lecture attended by participants, guests and general public. Several local celebrities participated in volunteering their DNA, including members of the Adelaide Reds Soccer Team, SBS TV presenters and a celebrity chef. See our News, social media or Youtube channel for further information about our research in the media.

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