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ARC Health-e Baby Project

This University of Adelaide-based and Australian Research Council-funded linkage project (LP110100405) investigates the role of health communication in promoting better health for pregnant women utilising Lyell McEwin Hospital (LMH) services.

Previous research suggests that disparities in health literacy, cultural and linguistic differences, and a lack of health information accessible via popular media channels may in part explain disparities in health outcomes. As part of the project we designed, implemented and evaluated the efficacy of an innovative approach to health communication that targeted pregnant women at the LMH and which, focused heavily on new digital and mobile media.

Project Reports

Project Report 1: Context Analysis of Obstetric Services and Health promotion Practice - July 31st 2012.

Project Report 2: Promoting Maternal Health - Media Uses and Preferences - April 30th 2013.

The Health-e Baby Android App

The Health-e Baby App is designed to target mothers in the early stages of their pregnancy. While pregnancy apps are increasingly popular, the majority have limited or no input from health professionals, many others have overtly commercial aims. Pregnancy-related apps available within Australia number in the thousands and this fact alone makes it difficult for consumers to determine which ones best meet their needs. With such concerns in mind, the Health-e Baby app was explicitly tailored to the care provided by the antenatal services at our study hospital and followed South Australian Perinatal Practice Guidelines. Building on the identified need to build trust with local users, the app seeks to include information that accords with advice given by these local health care bodies.

Please read these instructions before you download the Health-e Baby App.

The Health-e Baby Team

Prof. Andrew Skuse
A/Prof. Vicki Clifton
Prof. Mike Wilmore
Dr. Sal Humphreys
Dr. Dianne Rodger
Julia Dalton, RN, RM


Applied Communication Collaborative Research Unit



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