Native Food and Agriculture CRC proposal

native foods in cupped hands

Demand is soaring for native foods and botanicals. Australian native species like macadamia nut, seafood and eucalyptus oil are already well known. But there are about 1500 other species used by Indigenous Australians in foods, nutraceuticals and fibres yet to be commercialised. Many have incredible properties - Kakadu plum has the highest Vitamin C content of any fruit in the world - which makes them well suited to the modern consumer's thirst for healthy eating.

The proposed Native Food and Agriculture CRC will aim to develop the production, processing and market development methods needed to meet and further grow market demand domestically and overseas.

Underpinning it all will be a 'building blocks' program of all the elements needed by the industry and Indigenous communities to succeed and thrive, including an access and benefit sharing framework, certification system, and business accelerator. By 2030, the vision is that the industry will be sustainable, globally connected, and an acknowledged world leader.

Indigenous Advisory Committee

An Indigenous Advisory Committee is guiding the Bid Development Team to prepare the proposal. It will also guide the delivery of the projects, to ensure that best practice Indigenous research is conducted and Indigenous Intellectual Property rights, prior informed consent, access and benefit sharing are promoted and maintained.

Partnership opportunities

Partners are invited at various Tier Levels to join the CRC proposal. If the proposal is successful in securing CRC grant funding, the benefits will include the right to nominate projects and priorities for the CRC, and rights to commercialise technologies and innovations.

You will also be part of a large consortium of companies, governments, NGOs and researchers, with unprecedented access to like-minded teams.

Professor Andy Lowe


Professor Andrew Lowe, Leader Bid Development Team 
Phone: 08 8313 1149 
Mobile: 0408 607 705