SWIFT Program launched

SWIFT Workshop 1

On Friday the 20th of September we held the first two Strong W(o)men In Future Technologies (SWIFT) Program Student Workshops with our competition winners, and the first parent/caregiver and teacher/educator focus groups with representation across both regional and metropolitan South Australia. Our aim for the first cohort was to uncover the current understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning study and career pathways, and the barriers holding young women and gender-diverse persons back from taking up these options. We also worked with all groups on understanding unconscious and implicit bias, the imperative for these students to contribute to current and future technologies, and the personal skills required to be successful.

We now plan to develop the workshops for pilot towards the end of 2019, and launch properly in early 2020.

An enormous thank you to the incredible students, parents/caregivers and teachers/educators, and also to our wonderful sponsors SAHMRILockheed Martin AustraliaCapgeminiSA Department for Education and AiLab.

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