News: ARC

ARC Success!

Congratulations to Anton and Anthony who have secured $330,000 of Discovery Project funding in the 2012 ARC round!

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ARC DECRA success!

Well done to Javen who has been awarded $375,000 of DECRA funding through the ARC in the 2012 round!! Only 277 proposals were awarded from over 2,100 applications. This is a fabulous result for Javen, congratulations!

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ARC Discovery success

Profs David Suter and Anton van den Hengel were both awarded ARC Discovery Grants to begin in 2011.

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ARC LIEF grant for large-scale video surveillance

Congratulations to Anton van den Hengel, David Suter, Anthony Dick, and Henry Detmold, who were recently awarded a major grant for ‘Accelerating Australia’s large scale video surveillance research programmes’:

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