Industry Training

Machine learning and AI should be accessible for everyone, and part of our mission is to ensure that businesses are able to gain an understanding of the benefits of machine learning.

AIML has developed a range of workshops and presentations to bridge the gap between industry and our research. By connecting with industry, we hope to ensure that staff (in particular management and CEOs) are aware of the available technology and how to use it to ensure that they are not left behind.

  • Machine Learning for Executives Two-Day Course

    Machine Learning is disrupting industry. From financial services to medical devices to legal services, machine learning technology is changing the way businesses operate.

    Aimed at executives and professionals wanting to understand machine learning and its applications, this course will take you through the fundamental stages of a machine learning project, from conceptualisation to development to evaluation.

    Seeing the evolution of a complete machine learning project will give you a unique perspective, allowing you to engage with key concepts, and understand where machine learning could apply in your organisation.

    The course will equip you with the knowledge you need to prepare your organisation for machine learning technology.

    Further details and registration can be found here

  • Machine learning for business

    Our machine learning experts are able to tailor the workshop content to ensure that it is relevant to your organisation’s needs. Topics covered in machine learning courses include:

    • What is machine learning and AI?
    • How and why is machine learning relevant to business?  
    • What problems can machine learning solve?
    • What research is being carried out by AIML and how it can be adopted by business?
    • Examples of how this technology has successfully transformed companies
    • Information on new industries that have popped up as a result of emerging technologies
    • Empowering management with the right machine learning project management skills (inputs, outputs, challenges, stages).

    We have had the opportunity to speak to local and state government, start-ups, universities, various conferences and festivals, international research committees and private and not for profit organisations. If you want to keep ahead of the game and have one of our machine learning specialists speak with your organisation, please contact

  • Artificial Intelligence Emerging Technology Interest Group (ETIG)

    The AIML facilitates the Emerging Technology Interest Group (AI), a new initiative that has been developed by the Department for Trade, Tourism and Investment (DTTI) to support South Australian businesses adopt advanced AI technologies.

    Members of this cross-industry group will meet regularly and have the unique opportunity to get involved in AI-focused events including presentations, panel discussions, behind the scenes tours and workshops.

    With support and advice from leading AI experts from the AIML, the group will explore key Industry 4.0 technologies, work to understand and overcome implementation challenges, and connect into research and technology providers to solve current, and future, industry challenges.

    Membership to ETIG is free for South Australian companies and researchers, register here

    For the full list of Emerging Technology Interest Groups, please visit the DTTI's website.

    And keep an eye on our Events page for upcoming ETIG events.