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Dental Care and Oral Health Study

People from lower socioeconomic background tend to have poorer health, including oral health. Different pathways of health care (e.g. private or public sector care) will also influence health status. It is often assumed that private dental care is better, but this may simply reflect access issues such as waiting time or selection issues - if public patients have worse oral health status associated with lower socioeconomic position.

Aim of the study: The main purpose of the study is to determine if different pathways of dental care (public or private) in a cohort of adults influence longitudinal change in oral health outcomes among groups with differing socioeconomic back grounds .  

How were you selected? You were initially chosen at random from the South Australia Electoral Roll. If you participated in the first round then you will be invited to again participate in this round.

What is involved? The study involves collection of responses to a survey questionnaire.

Confidentiality: Any information you provide in the questionnaire will remain confidential, and individual identity will be protected through the reporting of results in aggregate form. The information you provide will only be used for the purpose of research for which it was collected and will not be made available for others. 

Who is conducting the study? This study is being carried out by Professor David Brennan, Mr Sergio Chrisopoulos and Mr Madhan Balasubramanian based in the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, the University of Adelaide. The study has been funded by the National Health & Medical Research Council. 

Expected outcomes: The study will help to answer questions in relation to oral health and dental care, especially on how best to organise and deliver dental care in ways that are economically efficient. While the study may not benefit you directly, the information will be valuable for future policy and planning for oral health and dental services in Australia.


The core research team comprises of researchers based in the Health Services Research Unit of the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH), the University of Adelaide.

Contact information:
Further information on the study can be obtained by contacting the research team in the University of Adelaide.
Contact: Sergio Chrisopoulos
Health Services Research Unit
Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health
Adelaide Dental School, The University of Adelaide
Tel: (08) 8313 0141


Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health

Level 9
Adelaide Health & Medical Sciences Building
The University of Adelaide


T: +61 8 8313 5438 or +61 8 8313 3291

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