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Lisa Jamieson

Lisa Jamieson

Lisa Jamieson is an NHMRC Associate Professor at ARCPOH, University of Adelaide. She has established three research interventions among Indigenous Australians and was involved in establishing the dental component of Wave-3 of the Aboriginal Birth Cohort. Lisa is recognised as a leading researcher in Indigenous oral health. In this role she has been contributor of information to national Indigenous oral health and dental services policy in Australia. She has published widely and been an invited presenter at numerous international research meetings involving Indigenous oral health.She is on the Editorial Board of BMC Public Health and has served on several recent NHMRC working parties.

Deputy Directors

Kostas Kapellas

Kostas Kapellas

Mr. Kostas Kapellas is a PhD candidate at ARCPOH, the University of Adelaide. He received both his Bachelor of Oral Health and Bachelor of Sciences, Dentistry (Hons) from the University of Adelaide. Kostas has worked as an oral health therapist for several years and is currently investigating the relationship between periodontal disease and arterial stiffness among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in the Northern Territory. He is part of the PerioCardio study which has investigate the treatment effects of non-surgical periodontal therapy on various measures of artery health. His research interests surround periodontal disease and relationships with systemic disease namely cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Kostas is currently involved in collection of data relating to the Baby Tooth Talk Study

Eleanor Parker

Eleanor Parker

Dr Eleanor Parker is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide School of Dentistry and closely involved with two of the current NHMRC-funded Indigenous oral health randomised controlled trials. Eleanor established the first dental services at the Port Augusta Aboriginal community-controlled Pika Wiya health service, where she worked for five years. Eleanor is actively involved with the student body in encouraging appropriate participation in Indigenous oral health-related research, has published widely in this field and been an invited presenter at international oral health conferences regarding her expertise in Indigenous Australian oral health.

Investigators, Staff & Students

Investigators & Staff

Current IOHU projects are both international and national, involving 32 investigators and 17 staff (7 Aboriginal).

  • Reducing disease burden and health inequalities arising from chronic dental disease among Indigenous children: an early childhood caries intervention

    Australia Lead Investigator: Lisa Jamieson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide)

    Other Australian investigators: Alwin Chong (Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin), Eleanor Parker (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Kaye Roberts-Thomson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Gary Misan (University of South Australia, Whyalla), John Spencer (University of Adelaide, Adelaide)

    Australian staff: Joanne Hedges, Jacqueline Aldis, Kostas Kapellas

    New Zealand Lead Investigator: John Broughton (University of Otago, Dunedin)

    Other New Zealand investigators: Joyce Maipi (Raukora Hauora O Tainui, Hamilton), Murray Thomson (University of Otago, Dunedin), Kate Morgaine (University of Otago, Dunedin)

    Canadian Lead Investigator: Herenia Lawrence (University of Toronto, Toronto)

    Other Canadian investigators: Sabrina Peressini (University of Toronto, Toronto),  Marion Maar (Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Sudbury),   Robert Scroth (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg), Cameron Norman (University of Toronto, Toronto), Laurie Hoffman-Goetz (University of Waterloo, Waterloo), Sonia Isaac-Mann (Assembly of First Nations, Ottawa)

  • Randomised control trial of effectiveness of silver fluoride on managing deciduous caries in remote Aboriginal communities

    Investigators: Kaye Roberts-Thomson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Loc Do (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Ping Liu (University of Adelaide, Adelaide)

  • An oral health literacy intervention among Port Augusta Aboriginal adults to better improve the knowledge and use of dental services

    Investigators: Lisa Jamieson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Alwin Chong (Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin), Eleanor Parker (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Kaye Roberts-Thomson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Alice Horowitz (University of Maryland, Maryland)

    Staff: Helen Mills (Project Manager), Lynette Stuart, Talia Stuart

  • Periodontal disease and chronic kidney disease among Aboriginal Australians: a randomised controlled trial

    Investigators: Lisa Jamieson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Alan Cass (Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin), Jaquelyne Hughes (Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin), Louise Maple-Brown (Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin), Michael Skilton (University of Sydney, Sydney), Peter Arrow (Department of Health Western Australia), Alex Brown (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute), Basant Pawar (Northern Territory Department of Health), Cherain Sajiv (Northern Territory Department of Health), David Harris (University of Sydney), Kostas Kapellas (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Lisa Askie (University of Sydney), Mark Bartold (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Wendy Hoy (University of Queensland)

    Staff: Nicole Mueller (Project Manager), Bessie Parsons

  • Associations between periodontal disease and cardiovascular surrogate endpoints among Indigenous adults.

    Investigators: Lisa Jamieson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Michael Skilton (University of Sydney, Sydney), Louise Maple-Brown (Menzies School of Health Research, Darwin), Kerin O'Dea (University of South Australia, Adelaide), Alex Brown (Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Alice Springs), David Celermajer (University of Sydney, Sydney), Mark Bartold (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Gary Slade (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill).

    Staff: Manjula Shenoy, Natalie Leysley, Loyla Leysley, Kostas Kapellas

  • A case-control study of periodontal disease and risk factors among an urban Indigenous population

    Investigators: Kaye Roberts-Thomson (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Mark Bartold (University of Adelaide, Adelaide), Sandra Meihubers (independent dental consultant, Sydney), John Daniels (Redfern Aboriginal Medical Service, Sydney), Anthea Magarey (Flinders University, Adelaide)Staff: Anna Grosse, two part-time dentists


There are several students involved in Indigenous oral health projects.

PhD Students

Eleanor Parker; 'Social Cognitive Theory in an Indigenous oral health context; an instrument for change'

Honours Students

Louise Bellifemini; 'Topical fluoride varnish and its application in young Aboriginal children'

Recently Completed Students

Helen Mills; 'Development and pilot of an oral health literacy intervention among Aboriginal adults'(Honours)

Margie Steffens; 'Associations between self-reported discrimination and oral health among Aboriginal young adults' (Honours)

Angie Perry-Mansell (Indigenous); 'Barriers to access to dental care among Indigenous Australian patients' (Masters)

Kostas Kapellas; 'Investigation of non-surgical periodontal therapy on pulse-wave velocity among Aboriginal adults' (PhD)

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