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"The research will help to measure improvements or declines in oral health across the population since the last study and important trends affecting long-term service delivery planning. This research will help support policy and program development."

Ms Loretta Bettiens, ACT Health

Ms Loretta Bettiens
Director, Dental Health Program, ACT Health

"The previous National Survey on Adult Oral Health (NSAOH) and the National Oral Health Plan has been prominent in the development of public oral health policy in the ACT. It has provided important information on the oral health status and the needs of adults from different socio-economic backgrounds identifying priority access not only within the ACT but also Australia."
Mr John Skinner, NSW Ministry of Health

Mr John Skinner
Director, Centre for Oral Health Strategy
NSW Ministry of Health

"There is a lack of comprehensive routinely collected population based dental services data on adults in New South Wales. It is expected the results that will be derived from this project will be important in informing and developing NSW oral health policy for adults, including alternative models of care."
Ms Nicolette Dargan, NT Oral Health

Ms Nicolette Dargan
Director, Oral Health Services Northern Territory

"NSAOH 2017-18 will yield significant information to help OHS-NT evaluate and  plan dental services and policies, ensuring care is delivered in the best possible way."
Dr Mark Brown, Department of Health Queensland

Dr Mark Brown
Chief Dental Officer, Department of Health Queensland

"It is anticipated that NSAOH will provide up-to-date oral health outcome data for Queensland adults. Ultimately, the information will support the delivery of policies and programs in Queensland that are designed to improve and reduce inequalities in the oral health of the community."
Dr Geoff Franklin, SA Dental Service

Dr Geoff Franklin
Executive Director, SA Dental Service

"The vision of the SA Dental Service is healthy smile – healthy life. Good oral health is essential for overall health and wellbeing. A healthy mouth has a positive impact on physical, mental and social wellbeing. The results that will be derived from this project will be important in informing public policy at both the State and National level over the next decade."
Dr Chris Handbury, Oral Health Services Tasmania

Dr Chris Handbury
Clinical Director, Oral Health Services Tasmania

"Oral Health Services Tasmania (OHST)  strongly values the evidence base that ARCPOH’s research provides to the dental sector. It informs our service planning, ensuring that our limited resources are equitably and efficiently delivered to the community."
Dr John Rogers, Department of Health & Human Services Victoria

Dr John Rogers
Principal Population Oral Health Advisor
Manager Oral Health Promotion
Department of Health & Human Services Victoria

"The Department of Health Services Victoria (DHSV) vision is "Oral health for better health" and our mission is "To lead improvement in oral health for all Victorians, particularly vulnerable groups and those most in need". The information collected as part of NSAOH will contribute to our mission in improving oral health through evidence-based research."
Mr Sam Carrello & Dr Martin Glick, Dental Health Services Western Australia

Mr Sam Carrello & Dr Martin Glick
General Manager & Manager Dental Health Services Western Australia

"The previous NSAOH allowed the identification of a number of underlying causes of inequalities in oral health and provided a sound evidence base for selecting interventions to reduce these inequalities."

Support for the study has also been received from Colgate, the Australian Dental Association and BUPA.

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