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National Dental Telephone Interview Survey (NDTIS) 2021

The purpose of this Survey is to obtain information about the frequency of dental problems in the community, and the types and sources of dental care received. The information collected will be used to inform Government dental health policies and programs.

We are conducting this survey in collaboration with the Commonwealth Department of  Health.

Participation in NDTIS 2021 involves the completion of a telephone interview or online survey.

Participants have been randomly selected as part of a representative sample of people living in Australia aged 18 years and over.

The information, which will be collected from 8,000 people, will help us to develop priorities for dentistry, and contribute towards planning dental services across Australia.

Why Should I Help?

For Study results to be accurate, it is important each person selected takes part in the study. Otherwise, the Study will not provide a true picture of the oral health status of Australian adults. Your assistance will make a very valuable contribution towards improved dental health in Australia.

The Participant Information Sheet can be viewed here.

Further information

If you have any questions about the Survey you can reach us on 1800 125 794 (free-call)
or email:

To complete the survey now

This survey is only open to those who have received a letter from the Commonwealth Department of Health inviting them to participate in the study.

To complete the survey online, click Start Survey button below. Your token is the 8-digit reference number on the top left of your letter.

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