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Smoking Cessation

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Supporting Smoking Cessation: A guide for health professionals - NSW Health

Aims: Supporting smoking cessation: a guide for health professionals aims to be a practical, succinct and evidence-based resource that can be used by a wide range of health professionals working in a variety of contexts. As with the previous publications, it is based on research evidence and is informed by guidelines from other countries with similar population profiles. It seeks to link smoking cessation advice by health professionals to the materials and support services provided through the telephone quitlines operating in each state and territory. It also seeks to build on the momentum for cessation gained by public health interventions such as tax increases, restrictions on smoking in public places, changes to tobacco display and packaging and the social marketing of smoking cessation.

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Smoking Cessation Clinical Pathway  - Queensland Health (Metro Health South)

Aims and Goals: This evidence based clinical smoking cessation project aims to improve the number of public hospital inpatients who are offered the Smoking Cessation Clinical Pathway and to contribute to reduced smoking rates in the Metro South Health population.

This program is being implemented as of July 2015.

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Smoking Cessation Project - SA Dental Service

Aims or Brief Descriptions: The SA Dental Service Smoking Cessation Project commenced in 2006. The aim of the project is to contribute to the improvement of client’s oral and general health by providing information to increase awareness of support services available to clients who are interested in managing their tobacco dependence.

The primary objective of the Smoking Cessation Project is to provide a referral pathway for Community Dental Service clients to the QUITLINE. Two pilot sites were initially trialled. Staff training has been delivered through a partnership with QUIT SA.  Smoking interventions are being embedded into ‘daily practice’.  The program is being systematically rolled out to Community Dental Clinics across the state. An electronic data system has been developed and implemented to assist staff record and track interventions.

Findings: Since July 2006, 1037 brief interventions across 16 sites have been recorded. SA Dental Service Staff are delivering quality, effective and sustainable smoking support to clients. Working in partnership with QUIT SA has provided opportunities to share knowledge, skills and resources as well as foster closer relationships with other service providers. Dental staff are well placed to offer brief, targeted smoking cessation advice. The electronic data system is enabling tracking of medical history and the percentage of smokers receiving advice. The program continues to be rolled out across all adult Community Dental Clinics.

Involved Organisations: SA Dental Service; QUITSA

Contact Person for Further Information:
Jane Heron-Kirkmoe
Health Promotion
SA Dental Service
180 Flinders Street, SA 5000
Phone (08 8222 9119)


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