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Oral Health Promotion for Infants, Preschool and School Children

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Information for the Oral Health of Children (including early childhood)- NT Health

NT Health has provided a variety of resources for children, parents, carers and teachers about the oral health care of children. Their are posters to teach school children about healthy diet, how to brush their teeth, how to avoid decay and other topics, it also includes colouring in and puzzle books, flyers and stickers. There are also fact sheets for parents to help inform them to make the best decisions for their children's oral health.

The Early Childhood Oral Health book (follow the link above) has been designed to be used to tell the story of how to care for children's teeth and mouth from birth onwards. Use the 'no images' version to place photos from your local community in the blank bubbles provided to personalise the resource.

There are multiple resources available here including booklets, posters and brochures aimed at parents, children and communities.

Toothbrushing Information Manual -NT Department of Health

This Toothbrushing InformationLink to external website manual provided valuable information, do's and don'ts and tips on toothbrushing especially for children for use by both practitioners, parents, caregivers and general public.

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The Caries Control Program - Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health - University of Adelaide

Please visit The Colgate Caries Control Program at The University of Adelaide (ARCPOH) for information contained in a series of pamphlets on tooth decay including ones that are specifically for early childhood decay.

  • Early childhood decay
  • Young adults and dental decay
  • Dental sealants

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Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures

The award-winning Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright FuturesLink to external website Oral Health Education (BSBF) Program offers lots of developmentally-appropriate material for use in your classroom. You'll find handy references and articles regarding the oral health of your young people. You'll also find engaging, kid-friendly printable pages to use as take-home materials or to keep children occupied and engaged in the dental office or clinic.

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Lift the Lip - Oral Health Services Tasmania

Lift the LipLink to external website is an educational resource to complement the Early Childhood Oral Health Guidelines for Child Health Professionals but it is also useful for parents as they can routinely check for signs of decay in their children's teeth regularly.

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Dental Health Advice - Dental Health Service Victoria

The Health Promotion Division of Dental Health Service VictoriaLink to external website produces dental health advice through a variety of brochures for parents and caregivers of infants, and preschool and school children.

The website also provides general dental advice for oral health of babiesLink to external website and childrenLink to external website including the following topics:

  • Tooth Tips - Teething
  • Tooth Tips - Thumb and Finger Sucking
  • Tooth Tips - Dental Visits
  • Drink Well Tip Card for Parents
  • Clean Well Tip Card for Parents
  • Drink Well Fact Sheet for Parents
  • Clean Well Fact Sheet for Parents
  • Eat Well Fact Sheet for Parents
  • Eat Well Tip Card for Parents
  • Play Well Fact Sheet for Parents
  • Play Well Tip Card for Parents

Dental Health Service Victoria also provide information sheets on the following topics relating to children's oral health:

Contact: or visit the Dental Health Service Victoria website.Link to external website

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Messages for a Healthy Mouth (2nd Edition) - NSW Department of Health

The NSW Department of Health has produced this Messages for a Healthy MouthLink to external website brochure to help parents and carers to improve the oral health of their children from infancy to 12 years.

The department also has information sheets on a variety of topics including teeth cleaning and food and drink tips for pre-school aged childrenLink to external website and school childrenLink to external website.

For further information please contact:
Centre for Oral Health Strategy NSW

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Dental Care for Children - South Australian Dental Service/Health SA

The SA Dental service provides information sheets on Dental Care for Children including the following topics:

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Keep a Healthy Smile - Queensland Health

The Keeping a Healthy SmileLink to external website page has information for parents regarding maintaining good oral health for all stages of life through diet, fluoride and self-care. There are additional pages on the following topics specifically relevant to children's oral health.

The Queensland Department of Health also provides information aimed at Aboriginal parents, though the information is applicable for non-Indigenous Australians also.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flip Charts - Queensland Government

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flip ChartsLink to external website are two pictorial flipcharts and other documentation that describe how to look after teeth: Building Strong TeethLink to external website is aimed at school children and is a resource for teachers, Indigenous Health Workers, and other health professionals, Looking After Your Mouths.Link to external website

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Children's Oral Health - US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

This Centre provides Children's Oral HealthLink to external website information and advice for parents. The bottom of the page has links to other information such as oral health for kids, community water fluoridation, oral health and learning and other resources.

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Caries Risk Assessment, DEPRU, The Australian Research Centre of Population Oral Health

As a consequence of use of fluoride in public water supplies, dentifrices and professional products, improvement of oral hygiene practices as well as increased access to dental care, dental caries experience has declined in Australia. However, dental caries still remains one of the commonest chronic diseases in children. This special topic provides an overview of the importance of CRA for children, presenting the most important risk indicators and tools available to estimate caries risk.

The Caries Risk Assessment (CRA) for ChildrenLink to external website webpage has information pamphlets for parents.

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