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Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future - Worldwide

The Alliance for a Cavity-Free FutureLink to external website is a worldwide group of experts who are working to stop the initiation and progression of an early form of cavities (known as caries). Their goal is to establish a Cavity-Free Future for individuals of all ages. This site is divided into sections containing resources for families and individualsLink to external website and for health professionals.

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Oral Health Home - World Health Organisation

This  World Health Organisation Oral Health Link to external websitehomepage contains information and strategies regarding oral health promotion and disease prevention at the global level, information for policy development, and outlines priority action areas.

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Evidence-Based Guidelines for Oral Health Promotion - UK Department of Health

Recently, the UK Department of Health (British Association Community Dentistry) published two documents containing evidence-based guidelines for Oral Health Promotion:

Delivering Better Oral Health: An evidence-based toolkit for preventionLink to external website

Valuing People's Oral health: A good practice guide for improving the oral health of disabled children and adultsLink to external website

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NHS Evidence - UK National Health Service

The NHS (National Health Service) in the UK has a library of evidence called NHS EvidenceLink to external website. Here you can search for evidence on a range of topics including all aspects of dental health.

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Community Water Fluoridation- The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention(United States)

This Centre has Community Water FluoridationLink to external website guidelines, recommendations and information to provide guidance to health care providers, public health officials, policymakers and the general public on how to achieve maximum protection from tooth decay while minimising any cosmetic concerns by efficiently using fluoride products and dental care resources.

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Promoting Oral Health in Africa -World Health Organisation

WHO have released the manual Promoting Oral Health in Africa which is directed at states to improve oral health across the continent through the prevention of diseases and noma as part of essiential noncommunicable disease intervention in school, health care centres and communities.

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Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse Unit

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