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Australian National and State/Territory Oral Health Plans

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Australia's National Oral Health Plan 2004–2013 - National Advisory Committee on Oral Health

Australia's National Oral Health Plan 2004-2013 was prepared by the National Advisory Committee on Oral Health, which was established by the Australian Health Ministers’ Conference in August 2004. The Australian National Oral Health Plan Link to external website website has information regarding the oral health status of the Australian population, inequalities in oral health and other information regarding the National Oral Health plan.

Australia's National Oral Health Plan 2015 - 2024 is under consultation currently. More information can be found on the Oral Health PlanLink to external website website.

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A Healthier Future For All Australians - Final Report June 2009 National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission Report

The Healthier Future for All Australians - Final Report June 2009Link to external website presents over 100 recommendations to improve health care in Australia in terms of access and equity, meet emerging challenges, and improve the structure of health care to enable the system to be flexible and responsive to adapt to emerging needs and continually improve services.

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New South Wales

Oral Health 2020: A Strategic Framework for Dental Health in NSW - NSW Health

Developed by the NSW Centre for Oral Health Strategy the Oral Health 2020: A Strategic Framework for Dental Health in NSWLink to external website publication provides an outline of the oral health status of the population including priority groups who require targeted efforts and provides policy changes, program recommendations and goals for state and local level oral health services to improve the oral health status of the population.

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NSW Oral Health Promotion: Framework for Action 2010

The NSW Oral Health Promotion: Framework for Action 2010 is the first strategic framework pertaining to oral health promotion for people in NSW. The Framework, along with a Literature Report, provides the policy and conceptual framework, and background information for a coordinated state-wide approach to the promotion of oral health in NSW. It emphasises the importance of using a population health approach, and highlights the significant links between oral health and general health arguing convincingly that ' general health' should be inclusive of oral health.

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NSW Oral Health Implementation Plan 2005-2010 - NSW Health

NSW Oral Health Implementation Plan 2005 - 2010Link to external website provides the key oral health strategies to achieve the goals of: (i) improving the oral health of the population; (ii) reducing inequalities in access to oral health services; and (iii) reduce disparities in the oral health status across the population.

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Improving Victoria's Oral Health 2014 - Department of Health VIC

Improving Victoria's Oral Health 2014Link to external website is the government's four-year strategic plan for public dental health services and oral health.

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Action Plan for Oral Health Promotion 2013-2017

The Action Plan for Oral Health Promotion 2013-2017Link to external website resource was developed by the Prevention and Population Health Branch of the Victorian Department of Health to improve the oral health status of all Victorians including priority groups through the a prevention and early intervention system that will be developed with strategic partners.

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Aboriginal Oral Health Plan 2010-2013 - Dental Health Services Victoria & Aboriginal Oral Health Reference Group

The Aboriginal Oral Health Plan 2010 -2013Link to external website policy is being developed in consultation between Dental Health Services Victoria and the Aboriginal Oral Health Reference Group. The aim is to improve oral health for Aboriginal Victoria's in a culturally sensitive and appropriate manner.

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Oral Health Strategic Plans & Service Plans for Victoria - Department of Health VIC

The Oral Health Strategic Plans and Service Plans for VictoriaLink to external website documents have been developed within the context of the Victorian Government’s health policy framework, in particular the Metropolitan Health Strategy, Primary Care Partnership Strategic Directions and Community Health Services Policy. In line with the strategic plan for 2010 - 2013 are also the Regional Oral Health Plans.

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Improving Oral Health - Local Government Action Guide

This Improving Oral Health - Local Government Action GuideLink to external website was developed through collaboration between the Victorian Department of Health and Dental Health services Victoria in order to provide local government councils with an outline of evidence-based actions for the improvement of oral health and prevention of oral diseases in local communities. These actions can be considered by councils for the preparation of local government oral health initiatives.

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Evidence-Based Oral Health Promotion Resource 2011 - Department of Health VIC

This Evidence-Based Oral Health Promotion ResourceLink to external website publication provides details on oral diseases and their causes and provides intervention strategies for prevention. This document aims to assist health promotion practitioners and policy makers to promote oral health by drawing on evidence and considering the implications of the evidence for programs and policies.

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Keep a Healthy Smile - Queensland Health

The Keep a Healthy SmileLink to external website page has information for parents regarding maintaining good oral health for all stages of life through diet, fluoride and self-care. There are additional pages on the following topics specifically relevant to children's oral health.

The Queensland Department of Health also provides information aimed at Aboriginal parents, though the information is applicable for non-Indigenous Australians also.

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Happy Teeth Program - Queensland Health

The Queensland Health, Happy Teeth ProgramLink to external website produces information (including the links below) and other resources such as a CD (Songs and Rhymes), and a Healthy Teeth for Life – DVD. A general information sheet called 'taking care of your babies teeth' is available as well as other useful information for families and carers such as:

  • Brushing your Toddler's Teeth
  • Drinks for Babies and Toddlers
  • Preventing Infant Tooth Decay
  • Teething
  • Thumb-sucking and Dummies
  • Your Child's First Dental Visit
  • Timing of Baby and Adult Teeth

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The Queensland Government's Water Fluoridation Program - Queensland Health

This section of the website contains information regarding the Queensland Governments Water Fluoridated ProgramLink to external website, including fluoridated locales in Queensland (and Australia), and includes facts sheets and FAQs on water fluoridation in terms of safety and the reduction of tooth decay.

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South Australia

South Australia's Oral Health Plan 2010 - 2017 - SA Dental Service

South Australia's Oral Health Plan 2010-2017Link to external website has been developed within the frameworks provided by the National Oral Health plan 2004 - 2013 (see above) and South Australia's Health Care Plan 2007 - 2016Link to external website. The strategies developed in the plan aim to improve the oral health status of the state's population, and particularly of the most at risk of poor oral health. This aim will be achieved through facilitating knowledge transfer between health professionals and the general public in terms of improving the understanding the linkages between good oral health and good overall health, and improving appropriate access to dental providers both public and private.

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Oral Health Promotion Strategic Plan 2012-2017

Developed by the Department of Health and Human Services in accordance with the National Oral Health plan 2004-2013 the Tasmanian Oral Health Promotion Strategic Plan 2012-2017Link to external website aims to improve the oral health of all Tasmanians with a strategy that promotes prevention and the early intervention and treatment of oral diseases.

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Northern Territory

Northern Territory Oral Health Plan 2011-2015 - NT Government

The Northern Territory Oral Health Plan 2011-2015Link to external website promotes good oral health through oral health promotion and population level activities and encourages partnerships and collaboration within and between government levels and departments, non-government organisations and the private sector.

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