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Oral Health for Pregnant Women

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Oral Health During Pregnancy: baby on board; extra care needed - Dental Practice Education Research Unit

This Oral Health During Pregnancy: Baby on Board; Extra Care Needed pamphlet contains information for pregnant women including how to keep gums healthy, pregnancy hormones and the impact on oral health, morning sickness and food cravings, dental visits, smoking and tooth decay.

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Oral Health and Pregnancy - Australian Dental Association

The Australian Dental Association provides oral health and pregnancy information regarding food cravings, morning sickness, gum disease, and pregnant mother's oral health as well as downloadable information for pregnant women about oral hygiene, tooth development, healthy eating, pregnancy, oral trauma and FAQ's.

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Teeth and Pregnancy - Better Health Channel

The Better Health Channel page provides information for pregnant women regarding teeth and pregnancy including dental diseases that can affect your baby, pre-pregnancy dental health, causes of dental health problems, vomiting, tooth brushing issues, food cravings, calcium intake, vitamin D, and additional resources and links. This information is quality assured by the Victorian Government.

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Advice for Pregnant Women - Dental Health Services Victoria

Dental Health Services VictoriaLink to external websiteprovides advice for pregnant women about protecting unborn babies health, morning sickness, gum disease, smoking and public dental appointment arrangements. Their Dental Health AdviceLink to external website page contains oral health information and advice for all stages of life.

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Keep Smiling While Pregnant - NSW Health

This Keep Smiling While PregnantLink to external website brochure provides information for pregnant women regarding gum health, eating and drinking healthily and teeth cleaning.

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Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy During Pregnancy - WA Department of Health

This Keep Your Teeth and Gums Healthy During PregnancyLink to external website pamphlet has information for pregnant women including tooth decay and pregnancy, bleeding gums, X-rays and unborn babies tooth development.

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Oral Health and Pregnancy - Queensland Health

Queensland Health provides Oral Health and PregnancyLink to external website information for pregnant women about keeping gums healthy, calcium needs and sources and keeping teeth clean

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National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Centre - Georgetown University

The National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource CentreLink to external website provides information for pregnant women and parents in English and Spanish that provide information on keeping babies healthy with good oral health, and good oral health practices for pregnant mothers.

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Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse Unit

Adelaide Dental School 
Level 9, Adelaide Health and Medical Sciences building 
The University of Adelaide


T: +61 8 8313 3291