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Oral Health Resources for Young Adults and Adults

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The Colgate Caries Control Program - The University of Adelaide

Materials included in the Caries Control Program:

  • Practice Information Sheets present a brief summary of issues related to the examination, diagnosis, recording, prevention and simple management of dental decay.
  • Newsletters have a clinical focus by presenting case challenges. Interesting cases diagnosed and treated by general practitioners are presented in a brief case report format. The newsletters will also include updates on other parts of the Program, reviews of the latest research findings and will provide an opportunity for discussion on issues raised by participants.
  • Patient Pamphlets provide a series of educational patients pamphlets will be included in the Program to aid the dental services providers in communicating the nature of dental decay to patients. The pamphlets are pitched at a more detailed level than average pamphlets and deal with difficult issues for example: why patients may have to come back to see the dentist more frequently than previously and why just filling the teeth is not the answer to dental decay.

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The Colgate Periodontal Education Program - The University of Adelaide

The Colgate Periodontal Education Program is aimed to stimulate and support the provision of periodontal care. The Program consists of a range of materials for dentists and patients on periodontal care.

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Paitent Pamphlets - Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (The University of Adelaide)

The Dental Practice and Education Unit of The Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health has produced a series of educational Patient Pamphlets for general public, including information on the topics such as:

  • Young adult decay
  • Controlling decay in your own mouth
  • Fluoride and you
  • Gum disease and periodontal health
  • Oral hygiene
  • Dental sealants

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Dental Advice for Young Adults - Dental Health Services Victoria

The Dental Health Services VictoriaLink to external website website provides general dental advice specifically catered to young adults and adultsLink to external website.

Dental Health Services Victoria also produce a number of fact sheets, tip cardsLink to external website and videos on a variety of topics including:

  • Fact Sheet: Protecting Your Mouth – Mouth and Tongue Piercing
  • Fact Sheet: Protecting Your Mouth – Tobacco, Alcohol and Recreational Drug Use
  • Fact Sheet: Tobacco, Alcohol and Recreational Drugs –How Do They Affect Oral Health?
  • DVD- A check-up for Oral Health: A health promotion DVD developed by Dental Health Services Victoria – provides a range of simple strategies for children and adults alike, in protecting their oral health.
    This resource can be viewed on through the following links

For further information about the resource guide, email:

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Dental Care for Teenagers and Young Adults - SA Dental Service

The SA Dental Service provides information for teenagers and young adults to maintain good oral health. You may find the following resources of use:

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Mouthguard Awareness Campaign - Australian Dental Association

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) holds an annual Mouthguard Awareness CampaignLink to external website across the country. The ADA has developed some information sheets to help teachers, PE staff, coaches, parents and children understand how best to protect teeth against injury while participating in sport.

You can contact the ADA on (02) 9906 4412.

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Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services page - Queensland Government

The Child and Adolescent Oral Health ServicesLink to external website page provides information about the eligibility criteria for publicly funded oral health care through the Queensland Health Child and Adolescent Oral Health Services Program (previously School Dental Service).

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Teenagers and Adults- Queensland Health

This website provides information on maintining good oral health directed at TeenagersLink to external website and AdultsLink to external website.

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Oral health for Teens and 20's - Colgate

The Oral Health for Teens and 20'sLink to external website page is a great resource for teenagers and young adults and includes tips and information on tooth decay, diet, bad breath, implications of taking medicines, oral piercings, sporting concerns, orthodontics and tooth whitening.

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Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse Unit

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