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Fluoride Issues

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Australian Water Fluoridation Maps

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"NHMRC Public Statement: Efficacy and Safety of Fluoridisation"

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) published a systematic review of the Efficacy and Safety of FluoridationLink to external website.

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Fluoride Pages - Australian Dental Association Inc.

The ADA has a wealth of information on Fluoride, simply use the search function on their website or find some key documents linked below.

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Guidelines for the use of Fluorides in Australia

Updated following the ARCPOH Workshop on the Use of Fluorides in Australia, Adelaide, in August 2012. The workshop was convened to review the Fluoride guidelines that were released in 2005.

Fluoride Guidelines 2005 Published by the Australian Dental Journal (2006)

Fluoride Guidelines Update 2012 Outcome of fluoride consensus workshop 2012

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Fluoride Varnish Protocol: 'Strong Teeth for Little Kids' - The Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (The University of Adelaide)

ARCPOH have released Strong Teeth for Little Kids, a fluoride varnish protocol for dental professionals who wish to apply fluoride varnish to children when clinical facilities are not available.

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The Fluoride Update Program

Developed by ARCPOH in response to frequent requests from dental practitioners, the Fluoride Update Program consist of a set of information sheets from the cardiology area on the issue of fluorides in today's dental practice.

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Water Fluoridation Pages - Department of Health Victoria

The Department has provided resources on water fluoridationLink to external website within the state and nation, including a message from the Chief Health Officer.

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Water Fluoridation Pages - Department of Health Queensland

The Queensland Government, Department of Health website includes Water Fluoridation PagesLink to external website. There are many resources available, including the following fact sheets:

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