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Smoking and Oral Health

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Smoking and Oral Health - Dental Practice and Education Unit, The Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (The University of Adelaide)

The Dental Practice and Education Unit Provides resources including:

  • Practice Information Sheet - Smoking and Oral Health
  • Patient Pamphlet - Smoking and Your Mouth
  • Smoking cessation flowchart for dental professionals

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Supporting Smoking Cessation: A guide for health professionals - NSW Health

Supporting smoking cessation: a guide for health professionals aims to be a practical, succinct and evidence-based resource that can be used by a wide range of health professionals working in a variety of contexts. As with the previous publications, it is based on research evidence and is informed by guidelines from other countries with similar population profiles. It seeks to link smoking cessation advice by health professionals to the materials and support services provided through the telephone quitlines operating in each state and territory. It also seeks to build on the momentum for cessation gained by public health interventions such as tax increases, restrictions on smoking in public places, changes to tobacco display and packaging and the social marketing of smoking cessation.

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Community Oral Health Promotion: Tobacco - Australian Dental Association Inc. (ADA)

The ADA released the Policy Statement 2.2.4– Community Oral Health Promotion: Tobacco policy statement (2.2.4) in 2011, which outlines the associations position on oral health issues related to smoking. The document outlines the oral health issues related to smoking, and guiding principles and policy for ADA members.

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Smoking Cessation Program - Tasmanian Government

The Smoking Cessation ProgramLink to external website provides information for health promoters and the general public regarding clinic based smoking cessation and the associated oral health benefits

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Quit Victoria Resource and Media Centre

The Quit Victoria Resource and Media CentreLink to external website smoking cessation resource is aimed at Oral Health Professionals.

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Quitting Smoking - New South Wales Department of Health

The Smoking, Your Health and Quitting pages are aimed at the general public and provides information regarding the negative oral health effects of smoking and the benefits of quitting. This site includes information on the Quitline.

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How Tobacco Use Can Affect Oral Health - Massachusetts's Health Promotion Clearinghouse

This Clearinghouse provides fact sheets and resources for health professionals and the general public including: How Tobacco Use Can Affect Oral HealthLink to external website.

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Oral Health Promotion Clearinghouse Unit

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The University of Adelaide


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