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Research Grants

Centre Awarded Competitive Research Grants 2009-2012

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Body & Scheme
Brennan, Crocombe, Roberts-Thomson, Barnett, Slack, Bell Centre of Research Excellence in Primary Oral Health Care (2012-2015)Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute - Centres of Excellence in Primary Health Care Research

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Body & Scheme
Brennan, Do,  Roberts-Thomson, Spencer Centre for Research Excellence in  Dental Health Services Research for Improved Oral Health Outcomes (2012-2016)NHMRC Centres for Research Excellence
Do Understanding influences on oral health of contemporary Australian children (2012-2015)NHMRC Career Development Fellowship


The screening and management of dental fear by Australian dentists (2012) Australian Dental Research Foundation Grant
Brennan, Spencer, Balasubramanian Mobility of International Dental Graduates (IDGs) in Australia: evaluating the survey instrument and assessing the mobility of IDGs (phase II) (2012) Australian Dental Research Foundation Grant
Brennan, Teusner Assessing the work effort involved in delivering dental services (2012)Australian Dental Research Foundation Grant
Jones, Beasley Oral health messages in Australian mass media: A content analysis (2012)Australian Dental Research Foundation Grant
Tan, Brennan How do dental beliefs and behaviours affect oral health-related quality of life among middle-aged and older Chinese immigrants in Australia? (2012)Australian Dental Research Foundation Grant

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Body & Scheme
Spencer, Do, Roberts-Thomson, Brennan, Mejia Impact of health policy on the delivery of dental services and child oral health outcomes (2011-2014)NHMRC Partnership Project
Roberts-Thomson, Do, Liu Randomised control trial of effectiveness of silver fluoride in managing deciduous dental caries in remote Aboriginal communities (2011-2014)NHMRC Project Grant
Harford, Luzzi, Tan, Mejia,  Roberts-Thomson, Spencer Intergenerational change in oral health in Australia (2011-2014)NHMRC Research Project
Jamieson An investigation of oral health among Aboriginal people involved in a longitudinal study (2005-2008)NHMRC Training Fellowship

Mobility of internationally-trained dentists in Australia: developing and piloting a survey instrument  (phase I) (2011)

Australian Dental Research Foundation Grant

Roberts-Thomson Clearing House Oral Health Promotion (2011)Department of Health & Ageing  - Small Grants Program
Roberts-Thomson Dental Health Programs (2011)Department of Health & Ageing  - Small Grants Program
Farah, Do Assessment of autofluorescence for detection of oral cancer (2011) Cancer Council Research Grant
Spencer Oral health status and referral follow-up for Special Olympics athletes in Australia (2011)Special Olympics Healthy Athletes Student Grant

Principal Investigator Project Title Funding Body & Scheme
Jamieson, Nasir, Chong, Parker, Roberts-Thomson, Misan, Spencer Reducing disease burden and health inequalities arising from chronic dental disease among Indigenous children: an early childhood caries intervention (2010-2014)NHMRC International Collaborative Indigenous Health Research Partnership
Jamieson, Nasir, Chong, Parker An oral health literacy intervention among rural Indigenous adults (2010-2012) NHMRC Project Grant
Jamieson, Skilton Associations between periodontal disease and cardiovascular surrogate endpoints in an adult Indigenous population (2010-2012) NHMRC Project Grant
Tan, Luzzi, Spencer, Pradhan Prevention and control of caries in older adults in residential aged care (2010-2011) NHMRC Project Grant
Armfield Understanding the role of psychological factors in the etiology, prevention and treatment of high dental fear (2010-2013)NHMRC Training Fellowship
Spencer Operation of the AIHW Dental Statistics and Research Unit (DSRU) (2010-2011)Australian Institute of Health & Welfare
Spencer Evaluation of health gains resulting from introduction of water fluoridation in Queensland (2010-2014)Queensland Health Research Grant
Tan A pilot study on prevention of caries in older adults in residential aged care (2010)The Aust Assoc of Gerontology - RM Gibson Scientific Research Fund

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