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Australian Centres

Published Surveys (Australian)

  • English lexicography: pp. 38–41 in George Turner Australian English and general studies of English, Chapter 3
  • Australian languages lexicography: pp. 59–60 in Peter Austin Australian Aboriginal Languages, Chapter 4
  • Clyne, Michael (ed.). 1991. Linguistics in Australia: Trends in research. Canberra: Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia. vi + 210 pp. ISBN 0908290179 $15
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  • Simpson, Jane. 1993. ‘Making dictionaries’, pp. 123–44 in Michael Walsh and Colin Yallop, (eds) Language and culture in Aboriginal Australia. Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press.
  • Goddard, Cliff & Nick Thieberger. 1997. ‘Lexicographic research on Australian Aboriginal languages 1968–1993’, pp. 175–208 in Boundary Rider. Essays in honour of Geoffrey O'Grady, ed. by Darrell Tryon and Michael Walsh. Pacific Linguistics, C-136.



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