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Endangered Words, and Signs of Revival

edited by Ghil'ad Zuckermann, Julia Miller and Jasmin Morley
published 2014, AustraLex, ISBN 978-0-646-92900-2

The peer-reviewed papers that constitute this volume were initially delivered at the 2013 AustraLex Conference. They are available below, listed alphabetically by author, with a Foreword by the editors Ghil'ad Zuckermann, Julia Miller and Jasmin Morley.

The academic reference for the volume is: Zuckermann, Ghil‘ad, Miller, Julia and Morley, Jasmin (eds) 2014, Endangered Words, Signs of Revival, AustraLex; ISBN 978-0-646-92900-2.


Rob Amery & Mary-Anne Gale: ‘They came, they heard, they documented: The Dresden missionaries as lexicographers

Volker Martin Dally: 'Triple-A: Christian Missionaries as preservers of Indigenous languages in Australia, Asia and Africa'

Delyn Day & Poia Rewi: ‘Endangered meanings and concepts: Māori language habitats

Guillaume Enguehard: ‘Language planning as warrant of authenticity

Mary-Anne Gale: ‘The reawakening of Craitbul: The revival of the Boandik language of Mount Gambier

Lauren Gawne: ‘Similar languages, different dictionaries: A discussion of the Lamjung Yolmo and Kagate dictionary projects

John Hobson: ‘How do you fill all the gaps in the dictionary? Identifying lexical development strategies for re-awakening Australian languages

Dorothea Hoffmann: ‘Mapping the language – how a dying language loses its place in the world

Lars-Gunnar Larsson: ‘Language variation in the revitalisation process

MJ Mafela: ‘Users’ style guides and bilingual dictionaries: The case of indigenous African languages

David Nash: ‘Reviving endangered words: The niche of scientific names

Joanna Szerszunowicz: ‘Phraseological units containing archaic elements in bilingual lexicography


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