The Bioinformatics Hub is an inter-faculty unit, leveraging expertise from across different fields and disciplines.

We compliment and work collaboratively with existing bioinformatics capabilities across the different faculties with the aim of shaping the future of bioscience research at the University of Adelaide through bringing together and developing the bioscience leaders of tomorrow. This is being achieved by focusing activities on training, collaborations and consultation in order to improve both the bioinformatics capacity as well as the research outcomes of the University of Adelaide.

Bioinformatics is a truely multidisciplinary field at the intersection of biology, computer science and mathematics/statistics. Most researchers will have deep knowledge of one of these fields and often need to enhance their skills across the others. The role of the Bioinformatics Hub is not only to provide training and research support across these fields, but to join researchers together with others who can provide the complimentary set of skills, enabling stronger research outcomes for all at the University.

Consultation and collaboration

Staff are available to assist students and researchers as they grapple with analytic methods or results. If a research collaboration is on your mind, an early discussion with us may help to provide you with the expertise in your particular field of interest and ensure that your experiment will provide meaningful results.

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