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About Us

The field of Bioinformatics is a diverse & rapidly developing one, incorporating an intimate knowledge of biological process & networks, along with expertise in statistical analysis, mathematical modelling, data management and computer programming.

Many researchers have strengths in only one or two of these disciplines, and will often need skills which encompass many of the other areas. The role of the Bioinformatics Hub is not only to provide training & research support across these areas, but to join researchers together with others who can provide the complimentary set of skills, enabling stronger research outcomes for all at the University.

Available Facilities

Open Workspace

The Bioinformatics Hub provides an open workspace with hot desks for students and researchers to come & work. Instead of wrestling with complex problems in isolation, researchers are able to bring their computers & try to work through issues alongside others with expertise in the field, and use the experiences of the wider to community to avoid re-inventing the wheel. The open workspace is also ideal for collaborators to grab a coffee, meet & discuss their work, or for supervisors to talk through work with post-graduate students.

Meeting Rooms

In addition to the open workspace, meeting rooms are available. These are equipped with video facilities & are ideal for presentations to be made to research groups, or for video conferencing with remote collaborators. Please book meeting rooms by contacting the hub on the link below.

Training for Students & Researchers

As well as providing a physical location to facilitate research, a series of ongoing training workshops are a feature of the Bioinformatics Hub. Formal sessions are regularly offered in common introductory topics, and sessions can also be run based on the needs & requests of researchers. If there is a topic which you would like to see covered which is not already listed under the Seminars & Workshops sections, please contact the Bioinformatics Hub to enquire about getting a training session organised.

Consultation & Collaboration

In addition to managing the space and providing ongoing training, staff are available to assist students & researchers as they grapple with analytic methods or results. If a research collaboration is on your mind, an early discussion may help to provide the expertise in your particular field of interest, put you in touch with someone else appropriate who may be able to help, or offer advice to help to ensure that your experiment will provide meaningful results. Feel free to get in touch to organise a time for a chat.

Bioinformatics Hub

Level 4,
Santos Petroleum Engineering Building,
North Terrace Campus
The University of Adelaide
SA 5005


T: +61 8 8313 1207