R Adelaide

This 3-day course can be taken as a complete course, or as individual days to suit your experience level. The material is aimed at beginner to intermediate-level R users with a focus on biological researchers

Please note, you will require your own laptop/tablet running R and R Studio. Access to a Windows Desktop using ADAPT will be a potential alternative if your computer is not suitable. A package installation script will be provided prior to the workshop to ensure all installations have the required packages.

Morning and afternoon tea will be provided each day.


Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Introduction to R and R Studio
  • Data Import in R
  • Understanding Data Types
  • Subsetting Objects
  • Genomic Databases
  • Annotation Hub
  • TxDb and EnsDb objects
10:30am Morning Tea
  • The tidyverse 
  • Manipulating Tabular Data Using dplyr, tidyr and reshape2
  • Text Manipulation using the package stringr
  • Working with Genomic Ranges
  • Working with Genomic Alignments
12:30pm Lunch
  • Data Visualisation Using ggplot2
  • Making Publication Quality Images
  • Basic Statistical Techniques
  • Writing Functions in R
  • An example transcriptomics workflow with the packages ngsReports, edgeR and limma
3:00pm Coffee Break
  • Writing Reports Using rmarkdown
  • Iteration Using R
  • Making Genomic plots using Gviz
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