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Spring into Bioinformatics

This is a 3-day workshop intended to be taken as a complete course, however individual day registrations are being accepted to provide flexibility where appropriate. An RNA-Seq workflow will be followed as an example, during which we will cover:

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Fall Into Bioinformatics

This 3-day training workshop will be held from 15-17 April, in Room 4.50 of The Braggs. All days will run 09:00-17:00.

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Introduction to NGS Data

This is a full day workshop introducing you to the basic layout of important files used in high-throughput sequencing applications, such as FASTQ, BAM, BED, VCF and GFF files.

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Introduction to Bash: Using the Terminal for Bioinformatics

This course is targeted at all researchers in biological and medical research wishing to develop their bioinformatics capacity, and is now offered over 4 x 2hr sessions across multiple days/weeks.

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R Adelaide

This 3-day course can be taken as a complete course, or as individual days to suit your experience level. The material is aimed at beginner to intermediate-level R users with a focus on biological researchers

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