What is a Brand?

A brand is the distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, tagline, or combination of these, that organisations use to distinguish their offering from others in the market.

University of Adelaide crest on a flag

Ours is that and so much more. It is the perception of the University of Adelaide in the hearts and minds of our community. What people think and say about us. It's our reputation.

The brand preceded all of us. It will be our legacy after we are gone. Everything we do today has the potential to grow the value and meaning of the University of Adelaide brand.

  • Our research. Our education.
  • Our graduates, alumni and our people.
  • Our campuses, investments and infrastructure.
  • Our partnerships and relationships.
  • Our focus. Our direction. Our real world impact.

The University of Adelaide is a phenomenal brand

It stands for quality, excellence and prestige. It is aspirational and highly desirable.

We are a global institution. With a reputation that stands alongside the world’s elite universities. Our priority is to protect that position and communicate the strength of the University of Adelaide brand at every opportunity. The local market leader. National and global challenger.