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Centre for
Functional Nanomaterials

SA 5005


About Us

The Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials (CAN) aims to capitalise on the burgeoning research strengths of the University of Adelaide and to galvanise common research initiatives that will ultimately produce innovative nanomaterials essential for developing Australian industries and revolutionising renewable energy technologies.

Our research aims to develop nanomaterials that have unique structural and functional properties and are poised to revolutionise the field of materials science. For example, porous nanomaterials are being developed at the University of Adelaide that act as highly efficient adsorbents for the separation and storage of CO2. It is anticipated that such materials will dramatically lower the energy costs associated with capturing CO2.

CAN is a virtual centre with a core membership group that is comprised of researchers from Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. Laboratory facilities, equipment and infrastucture is distributed across the home Schools of the members.

The leadership group of the Centre is composed of Dr Christian Doonan (Director), Dr Christopher Sumby (Deputy Director) and senior researchers, Prof. Mark Biggs, Prof. Jim Hill, Prof. Shizhang Qiao.

The science advisory group consists of internationally recognised scientists: