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Centre for
Functional Nanomaterials

SA 5005



Chemical and Electrical Energy Storage

To meet the increasing global energy demand revolutionary breakthroughs in energy science and technology are necessary. Two areas where porous nanostructured materials will make a significant impact are in Fuel Cell (chemical storage) and Battery (electrical storage) technologies.

Heterogeneous Catalysis

The overarching aim of this research is to develop catalysts based on open nanostructured materials. Such materials will incorporate the advantages of both heterogeneous catalysts (stability, ease of product separation) and homogeneous catalytic systems (well defined structures).

Nanoporous Materials for Gas Separations

The ability to separate gas mixtures is fundamental to a number of industries. In the energy generation sector, natural gas wells with significant levels of carbon dioxide require ‘sweetening'. Additionally, one of the foremost challenges for our planet is the need for approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a national and international scale, namely, the development of new materials and processes for the capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide.

Agricultural Applications of Porous Nanomaterials

*Under construction*