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Core Activities

This category consists of compulsory activities undertaken during the first twelve months of candidature such as completion of the CCSP and, for international students, the Integrated Bridging Program - Research (IBP-R). This helps to give you a head start towards meeting your CaRST requirement and also recognises where these activities fit into your development as a researcher.

You are able to claim all hours that apply to you from this category.

Please note that Local Induction has been incorporated into the CCSP for simplicity however the overall hours available has not changed

CaRST Core Activities
Activity Hours Domain
Postgraduate Research Induction 2 B
Core Component of the Structured Program (CCSP) 19 B, C
Integrated Bridging Program Research (IBP-R) 30 A
Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) Unit

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