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About CaRST Online

CaRST Online enables HDR students to find, book, and record their professional development activities as part of the University's Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program.

All HDR students can access CaRST Online. Your CaRST Online record will be shared with your Supervisory team, Postgraduate Coordinators and the Adelaide Graduate Centre to ensure you are on track to meet the requirements of your degree.

  • Why CaRST Online?

    The CaRST Online platform makes it easy to track progress with CaRST and achieve the skills and results you want from your graduate program and for your future career

    Benefits of CaRST Online include:

    • Centralised course booking, activity recording, progress tracking, skills assessment and development planning
    • Overall improved user experience and reduced paper-based administration
    • Accuracy of records, risk reduction of lost data, and student assurance of progress towards requirements
    • More effective monitoring allowing for early action and intervention to enable timely completions
    • For supervisors, visibility to track student development over time and assist students in planning their CaRST activities
    • Supports student employability and ability to meet individual professional development needs
    • Ensures students are meeting CaRST requirements, which are compulsory for the PhD and MPhil degrees
    • What has changed?

      With CaRST Online, the following elements have been incorporated into the new system and are no longer required:

      • Training Summary
      • ePortfolio
      • Development Plan
      • Activity Certification Form

      Going forward, the above elements are completed in CaRST Online. The only submission requirement at milestone reviews is a copy of your overall CaRST Progress Summary report, available in CaRST Online.

    • CaRST Online for HDR students

      HDR students will use CaRST Online to:

      1. Skills
        Complete a skills assessment to consider your skills and determine your level of ability and interest for each.
      2. Plan
        Create immediate, short, and long-term goals for within your HDR program and for your future career.
      3. Train & Develop
        Find and book relevant activities to help you achieve the goals in your individual development plan.
      4. Record
        Maintain a log of activities completed, self-recording any activities not automatically included on your record.
      5. Review
        Reflect on your progress at formal milestone reviews. Repeat this entire process until you complete your CaRST requirement.
    • CaRST Online for Supervisors and PGCs

      Supervisors and PGCs will use CaRST Online to:

      1. Skills
        Review your student’s skills analysis and resulting Top 5 Skills and Priorities.
      2. Plan
        Add, view, and comment on goals in student’s Development Plan.
      3. Train & Develop
        Review activities students can enrol in to meet their goals.
      4. Record
        Review your student’s log of CaRST activities.
      5. Review
        Reflect on your student’s CaRST Progress Summary, required at formal milestone reviews.

    Further Information

    Download the one-page flyer

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    If you have a question relating to the CaRST program, please visit the CaRST website or contact the CaRST team at

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