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CaRST Online

A new online system and workflow for all current elements of the Careers and Research Skills Training (CaRST) program. A single portal for HDR Students, Supervisors and Post Graduate Coordinators to manage and review student CaRST records.

Coming Soon

After consulting with supervisors, postgraduate coordinators and HDR convenors, we are happy to report that the upcoming release of CaRST will:

  • Enable supervisors to view, track and comment on progress of students' activities, development plans, and general progress
  • Improve reporting to provide visibility of students' progress towards achieving CaRST credits as well as any gaps or interventions required
  • Introduce online development planning for students, as well as Top 5 Skills and Top 5 Priorities, and suggestions for suitable activities to align with a student's development plan

The release is scheduled to be available at the end of August 2018.

  • PurposeWhy are we doing this?

    To upgrade the University’s CaRST processes to an online solution that will make it easy for research students to plan and record their professional development and ensure they are meeting the requirements of their degree.

    Benefits include:

    • Centralised course booking, activity recording, progress tracking, skills assessment and development planning
    • Overall improved user experience and reduced paper-based administration
    • Accuracy of records, risk reduction of lost data, and student assurance of progress towards requirements
    • More effective monitoring allowing for early action and intervention to enable timely completions
    • For supervisors, visibility to track student development over time and assist students in planning their CaRST activities
    • Supports student employability and ability to meet individual professional development needs
    • Ensures students are meeting CaRST requirements, which are compulsory for the PhD and MPhil degrees
    • ParticularsWhat is changing?

      Current CaRST forms, system and processes will be streamlined and centralised with a modern, online tool. The following CaRST elements will be implemented in the new system:

      • Enhanced course booking system for management of CaRST activities
      • Online activity recording (replaces Training Summary and ePortfolio)
      • Directly add external activities (replaces Activity Certification Form)
      • Online Development Plan
      • Supervisor access and approvals

      The new online solution will enable students to:

      • Record all your CaRST activities (1st release)
      • Automatically record activities booked through CaRST Online (1st release)
      • Add external and experiential activities to your record (1st release)
      • Upload evidence to support your CaRST records (1st release)
      • Calculate your total CaRST hours and hours by domain (1st release)
      • Complete a skills assessment and create learning objectives (2nd release)
      • Tie your CaRST activities and development plan together (2nd release)
      • Provide access to Supervisors for timely feedback and approvals (2nd release)

    • PeopleWho is impacted?
      • Higher Degree by Research students
      • Supervisors
      • Post Graduate Coordinators
      • Adelaide Graduate Centre
      • Internal interested parties
      • External interested parties
    • WhenWhen are the changes coming?

      Release 1 is now available and includes Course Bookings and online activity recording.

      Release 2 will include development planning functionality for a complete centralised system for all CaRST program requirements. More information will be provided prior to this release which is expected to be available for use mid year 2018.

    How Can I Get Involved?

    If you are a Student, Supervisor or Post Graduate Coordinator and would like to be involved as part of a User Experience Group, or provide any input or feedback into this project, please send an email to

    Further Information

    Download the one-page flyer

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    For further support or questions, please contact Research Technology Support on +61 8 8313 7799 or

    If you have a question relating to the CaRST program, please visit the CaRST website or contact the CaRST team at

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