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Register of External Editors

The Register of External Editors is a list of professional editors that have been recommended by University of Adelaide academic staff, or who have been accredited by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

All of the editors listed here have agreed to abide by the University’s policy on the editing of theses. Any work arrangements organised between editors and Adelaide University staff or students are a purely private matter between the individuals concerned, and the Adelaide Graduate Centre holds no responsibility for payment of services rendered, nor does it guarantee the quality of any of the services rendered.

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External Editors
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Alison-Jane Hunter
0416 767 893
technical scientific writing, engineering, agriculture, editing and proofreading in education, linguistics, humanities, literature
Arthur Saniotis
public health
Alexandra Pearce 0437 467 097
science, medicine, surgery, veterinary medicine, grant applications
Alys Jackson
Editing and proofreading in Education, ESL editing for English as a second language writers, Literary fiction and non-fiction, including creative writing, General science, environmental science and biology
Angela Lush
0408 810 778
agricultural and environmental sciences
Athena Kerley

academic English/logical flow and ESL writing of theses and other academic texts from any of the Professions, Social Science, Humanities and Arts disciplines

Claire Nettle PhD AE
Bluestocking Academic Editing

social sciences, environment, urban design, public health, qualitative research
Carolyn Wild
0402 279 707
zoology, botany, environmental biology
Dana Thomsen
0417 081 051
life sciences, physical sciences and English as a second language, qualitative research, business, education, health, English as a second language
Elissa Pizzata education, social sciences, humanities, EAL (English as an Additional Language) and English literature
Elisa Bone
+64 7 829 8147
marine ecology, invertebrate zoology, colonial organisms, sessile assemblages
The Edit Bureau
Visit the Edit Bureau website for more information
health sciences, education, business, philosophy, computer science
Elite Editing
1800 246 558
Ian Riley
0421 098 961
basic and applied life sciences, including microbiology, plant and animal science, agriculture, natural resource management, systematics, molecular biology and more, for theses and manuscripts for publication
Jeannette Lindsay
0429 918 830
8357 8768
English as an additional language
Jenny Tweehuijsen education, general science, computers
Jill Pope
0419 309008
medicine, orthopaedics, scientific writing
Jill Pope
0419 309008
medicine, orthopaedics, scientific writing
John Mahoney All subjects
John McAndrew
Theses from all disciplines (esp. International students)
Judith Ferrante
0414 416 081
biotechnology, patenting of intellectual property, biochemistry and immunology, molecular biology
Juliette Milbank
+61 (2) 6020 9250
Mechanical Engineering
 * Acoustics
 * Aerodynamics
Keith Walker
08 85985362
environmental science, including freshwater ecology and zoology, expertise in river and floodplain ecology, freshwater fish and invertebrates
Kathie Stove
0417 086 870
biology, science, visual arts (no theses)
Kerrie Le Lievre
Ph: +61 8 8313 5618
Fax: +61 8 8313 4342
marketing, business, education and humanities, (including creative writing)
Lisa Lines, (AE)
0402 361 452

Specialist academic editor with significant experience editing in all fields

Miranda Roccisano
0430 498 448
linguistics, social sciences, education, history
Maria Leaver
0417 300 658
Education, international relations, politics, history, culture,  Asian Studies and the European Union
Paul Riordan
+33 4 73 78 32 9
dentistry, public health, epidemiology, language correction
Nina Seja

Arts (including creative writing), humanities, social sciences, education, business, law, nursing, qualitative research, grant applications

Robert Horne English and Creative Writing as well as all Humanities with particular focus on History, Politics and Classical Studies
Robert Koebner genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, plant science
Sandra Bennett Sandra Bennett
environment, water management, ecology, social/feminist studies
Steven Basford
Art History, History, Leadership, Management, Project Management, Governance, Politics, International Relations, Philosophy,Law, and Commerce in the areas of Accounting, Economics, and Finance
Ted McMurchie
8443 7142
0417 817 301
scientific and technical writing/editing, life sciences, biomedical sciences
Graham Lyons science, health, medicine
Tom Hollick
The Proofreader
ESL specialist for international students only: TESOL, economics, development economics, private sector development, agriculture and fisheries, mining, trade, infrastructure, politics, government/governance, socioeconomics, food security, water and sanitation, disability, health, viruses/pandemics, rural development, gender equality, women's studies, education, environmental studies, arts, culture, humanities, social sciences, business
Tony Rogers
8179 5743
biological science, dentistry
Jane Aylen Access Printing
0412 286 677
Social Policy, Literary Studies, Education, Health
John Liddle
0417 089 290
Sciences, Educational Policy, Anthropology, Social Sciences
Diane Brown
0497 183 816
general/academic/educational editor, research theses (esp. Humanities and Social Sciences)
Yvonne Miels
8131 0170
humanities subjects (especially English literature), medical
Valarie Mobley
0409 098 599
Literature, Creative Writing, Film Studies, Education, History, Social Sciences and Health
Vic Beasley
8373 7892
humanities, social sciences
Rosemary Peers
Phone 02 8901 0017
law, education, business
Nayano Taylor-Neumann
0439 874 591
social science, political science, migration
Mary Collins Arts, Media, Communications
Cecile Cutler
8201 2480/8382
geography, demography/population studies, regional development, Southeast Asia
Jennifer O'Shannessy Arts, Media, Communications
Bill Winser
academic discourse (especially scientific and technical language), writing in an additional language, language learning
Amy Reigle Newland general editor, with focus on humanities: arts, media, communications, history, literature, anthropology, religion and English as a second language
Nola Farman
0417 757 301
visual arts, academic theses, proposals
HD Editing & Proofreading Katherine Hodgetts Victoria Dennington
0431 993 932
Humanities, social sciences, education, and English as a second language
Ray Adams
0401 609 837
business, humanities, ESL writers, post-translation editing, theses
Adam Jarvis
0424 297 736
wine and food, business and commerce, corporate sustainability, social sciences, literary fiction and nonfiction
Rosie Gronthos linguistics, humanities, social sciences
Philip White arts/humanities, social sciences, education, English as an additional language
Kate Leeson
0459 147 950
education, health, history, law, music, politics, sociology, women's studies
PFLH Services theses of all kinds, English as a second language writers, post-translation editing, business, humanities, social sciences, science & technology

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