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Formal Methods in Philosophy and Related Disciplines

This 12 week seminar series will be an introduction to formal and technical tools that have been of use to philosophers and those doing foundational work in related disciplines (linguistics, mathematics, computer science, and economics).

Formal Methods in Philosophy and Related Disciplines CaRST Hours  24 hours (12x2) Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities.

The emphasis will be on introducing the tools and exploring their properties, though some mention of applications will be made, especially in motivational remarks. No prior acquaintance with logic is required, though familiarity with introductory logic (such as that covered in Introduction to Logic, PHIL 1110) would be useful. The seminar is open to Honours, MPhil and PhD students in any discipline. Full participation in the seminar for PGR students will involve the completion of weekly exercises, though students who wish only to audit the seminar are welcome too.

PGR students who participate fully in this course should (i) gain new knowledge of formal and mathematical frameworks; (ii) increase the range of formal modelling tools available to them in approaching their own research; (iii) become more familiar with foundational puzzles in their discipline and cognate fields; and (iv) gain improved personal and academic connection with PGR students working in related fields.

Proposed schedule of topics

  1. Weeks 1–2: Set theory, naïve and sophisticated.
  2. Weeks 3–5: Sentential and predicate logic.
  3. Week 6: Mereology.
  4. Weeks 7–8: Modal and conditional logic.
  5. Weeks 9–10: Probability.
  6. Weeks 11–12: Utility and decision theory.
Formal Methods in Philosophy and Related Disciplines
Target Audience PGR and honours students in any discipline. Philosophy students are particularly encouraged to attend.
CaRST Credit 24 hours (12x2)
Domain A: Knowledge and Intellectual Abilities
Learning Outcomes A1, A2 and A3
Mode of Delivery Face to Face
Pre-requisites None
Resources Not applicable
Provider Department of Philosophy, School of Humanities
Evidence of Completion

The organiser will provide students with a signed certificate upon completion of the activity, which the student will submit to CaRST.


Dr Antony Eagle
+61 8 8313 4249 

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Career and Research Skills Training (CaRST) Unit

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