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Improving your Financial Literacy

Accounting may be viewed by many as a rather dry, boring subject that should be relegated to the domain of those commonly referred to as ‘bean counters’ (i.e. accountants).

Improving your Financial Literacy. CaRST Credit 3 hours. D: Engagement, influence and impact. Face to Face.

But such views are misplaced and ignore the fact that, throughout history, accounting has been the foundation for the prosperity of organisations, commerce and societies. Increasing the understanding of accounting and its role amongst members of society benefits both the organisations they work for as well as society as a whole. Improved decision-making and accountability are fruits of a better financially-educated society. As a consequence, financial literacy should be everyone’s business, regardless of their role in an organisation or society.

If you’re interested in improving your financial literacy so as to have a better understanding of how to assess the financial performance and financial standing of an organisation, then I encourage you to undertake the ‘Financial Literacy’ workshop. In this workshop you will gain a better understanding of how to read and use accounting reports common to all organisations, namely, a profit and loss statement, a balance sheet and a cash flow statement. This workshop will not only benefit you personally, it will also benefit the current and future organisations you work for.

The following topics will be covered:

  • simplifying the major accounting terms you should know
  • how to read and interpret financial reports
  • what financial accounting reports can tell you (and what they cannot)
  • what is management accounting and how it can help you
  • key performance indicators and how to identify them
  • performance evaluation including budgeting basics.
Improving your Financial Literacy
Target Audience All Postgraduate Research Students
CaRST Credit 3 hours
Domain C: Research Governance and Organisation
Learning Outcomes C3
Mode of Delivery Face to Face
Pre-requisites None
Resources Not applicable
Speaker Dr Chris Graves
Dr Chris Graves is a Chartered Accountant, Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Family Business Management and co-founder of the Family Business Education and Research Group [FBERG] at the University of Adelaide Business School. Chris has a Bachelors degree in Accountancy from the former South Australian Institute of Technology, a Masters in Economics from the University of New England, and a PhD from the University of Adelaide. Chris spends a considerable amount of time teaching financial literacy to managers. He is currently a member of the University’s Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee and is a former board member and chair of the Baptist Churches of South Australia’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee.
Provider Adelaide Graduate Centre
Evidence of Completion The organiser will provide students with a certificate upon completion of the activity
Enquiries CaRST
or 8313 5882
Dates 5 July 2017, 1:30-4:30pm,
Marjoribanks SANTOS lecture theatre
Booking Through the University Course Bookings system

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