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Stand up, Speak up and Persuade

How is it that two people can talk about the same thing, but only one gets their message across?

Stand up, Speak up and Persuade. CaRST Credit 3 hours. D: Engagement, Influence and Impact Face to Face.

That’s because it’s all in the delivery. If your job is to persuade and influence others, these techniques will help you to build on your presentation skills and excel. So stand up, speak up and persuade!

Stand up, Speak up and Persuade
Target Audience All Postgraduate Research Students
CaRST Credit 3 hours
Domain D: Engagement, Influence and Impact
Learning Outcomes D2
Mode of Delivery Face to Face
Pre-requisites None
Resources Not applicable

Sharon Ferrier Director, Persuasive Presentations
Sharon Ferrier is a corporate educator, facilitator, coach and speaker. Sharon has a knack for making the complex simple. She believes that passionate people persuade’ and that to make your message stick, you need to balance information with delivery style. Sharon is a nationally accredited Trainer and Workplace Assessor and an accredited DISC ADVANCED facilitator. Her special interest areas include persuasive presentations, pitching, public speaking executive sales and networking.

Provider Adelaide Graduate Centre
Evidence of Completion The organiser will provide students with a certificate upon completion of the activity
Enquiries CaRST
or 8313 5882
Dates 3 July 2017, 1:30-4:30pm, North Terrace
Booking Through the University Course Bookings system.

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