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Other Activities

Although we have tried to capture as many activities as we can, we recognise our list is not exhaustive and there will be other opportunities you want to pursue to satisfy the CaRST requirement.

If you participate in an activity that has not been approved but think it should count towards CaRST, you will need to complete an Activity Certification Form and return it to

Activities will be reviewed on an individual basis and approved provided they benefit your research and career and align with one of the RDF domains.

Eligible activities include workshops, short courses, online courses, other structured training programs, or experiential activities not found on our pre-approved table, such as research exchanges, work placements or internships.

Activities must meet the following objectives:

  • aligns with the competencies outlined in the RDF;
  • is relevant to your professional needs and long-term career interests;
  • extends your knowledge beyond what is expected of a typical research student; and
  • is verifiable by an objective source, i.e. confirmation of satisfactory completion can be provided.

Activities that won’t be approved:

  • Routine research group meetings, lab meetings, or team meetings unless there is a specific focus on professional development and training
  • Inductions/training of equipment and software, which are included in the 16 hours allocated to each student for completion of the CCSP
  • Delivery of teaching
  • Private study
  • Activities that have already received accreditation in the CaRST program

Time claimed should correspond to the duration of in-person or in-class work. A maximum of 30 hours per activity can be claimed.

Each activity must be assigned to a single domain based on the primary objective of the activity unless submitting a series of workshops/courses that are packaged as part of a larger program. To determine in which domain you would like to claim the activity, please take a look at the Vitae Researcher Development Framework.

Once approved, the activity can be added to your training summary and the signed form uploaded to your ePortfolio along with relevant evidence of activity completion.

Please be sure to check the CaRST training register and experiential activities table before submitting an Activity Certification Form. Any activities that have already been approved will not be reviewed.

Examples of previously approved activities are below:

  • IMARIS Image Analysis Workshop
  • Advanced Biostatistics 7104
  • Creating Genealogies in Family Tree Maker
  • Women Scientists: A Diversity of Careers panel discussion
  • Undergraduate Awards judging panel member
  • Defensive 4WD Driving
  • Professional Communication Workshop: Providing Effective Feedback
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