Virtual poster presentation ISF-5

Day One Video Poster Presentation - Turbulent Flames

Zhijie Huo ISF-5 Poster

Soot prediction on a turbulent non-premixed flame using sparse MMC-LES coupled with a detailed soot kinetics

Enquiries to: Zhijie Huo

Amir Rowhani ISF-5 Poster

Soot evolution in turbulent non-premixed bluff-body flames

Enquiries to: Amir Rowhani

Peng Liu ISF-5 poster

Soot formation in NH3-hydrocarbon combustion

Enquiries to: Dr Peng Liu

Lu Tian ISF-5 Poster

The impact of soot diffusion in turbulent diffusion jet flames

Enquiries to: Dr Lu Tian

Jacob Martin ISF-5 Poster

Review of carbonaceous nanoparticle formation in flames

Enquiries to: Dr Jacob Martin

Day Two Video Poster Presentation - Turbulent Flames

Martin Grader ISF-5 Poster

Large-eddy simulation and analysis of a sooting lifted turbulent jet flame

Enquiries to: Martin Grader

Klaus Peter Geigle ISF-5 Poster

Fuel distributions in the pressurized sooting DLR swirl flame

Enquiries to: Dr Klaus Peter Geigle

Savvas Gkantonas ISF-5 Poster

Predicting soot emissions from aero-engine model combustors using incompletely stirred reactor networks

Enquiries to: Savvas Gkantonas

Savvas Gkantonas ISF-5 Poster

Simulating soot particle size distributions evolution in non-premixed turbulent jet flames

Enquiries to: Savvas Gkantonas

KP Geigle ISF-5 poster

Potential future data set for pressurized kerosene combustion

Enquiries to: Dr Klaus Peter Geigle

Day Three Video Poster Presentation - Soot Chemistry

Thi Kim Cuong Le ISF-5 Poster

Online Raman spectroscopy of mini-CAST soot

Enquiries to: Dr Thi Kim Cuong Le

Jessy Elias ISF-5 Poster

Characterization of the chemical species involved in the soot nucleation process by ToF-SIMS and Raman spectroscopy

Enquiries to: Jessy Elias

Andrea Comandini ISF-5 Poster

Advanced insights in soot precursor chemistry

Enquiries to: Dr Andrea Comandini

Manu Mannazhi ISF-5 Poster

Influence of potassium chloride on PAH concentration during soot formation: A laser induced fluorescence study using excitation at 266 nm and 532 nm

Enquiries to: Manu Mannazhi

Reza Kholghy ISF-5 Poster

Surface growth, coagulation and oxidation of soot by a monodisperse population balance model

Enquiries to: Prof Reza Kholghy

Houston Miller ISF-5 Poster

Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry studies of particulate from an ethylene diffusion flame

Enquiries to: Prof Houston Miller

Jennifer Giaccai ISF-5 Poster

Electronic structure of PAH ions and radicals

Enquiries to: Jennifer Giaccai

Day Three Video Poster Presentation - Laminar Flames

Ahmad Saylam ISF-5 Poster

Soot formation at near-threshold sooting premixed C2H4/air flames at elevated pressure

Equiries to: Prof Ahmad Saylam

Hong Quan Do ISF-5 Poster

Experimental study of the influence of hydrogen as a fuel additive on the formation of soot precursors and particles in atmospheric laminar premixed flames of methane

Enquiries to: Dr Hong Quan Do

Francisco Cepeda ISF-5 Poster

Implementation of a multi-variable sectional soot model for transient laminar combustion

Enquiries to: Francisco Cepeda

Arash Khabazipur ISF-5 Poster

Mechanistic comparison of N2 and H2 dilution effects on soot formation processes in laminar ethylene diffusion flame

Enquiries to: Arash Khabazipur

Matthew Montgomery ISF-5 Poster

In-Situ temperature measurements in sooting methane/air co-flow flames using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence of seeded krypton atoms

Enquiries to: Matthew Montgomery

Stelios Rigopoulos ISF-5 Poster

Population balance modelling of soot aggregation and sintering

Enquiries to: Dr Stelios Rigopoulos

James Rundel ISF-5 Poster

Links between resonance-stabilized radicals & sooting onset in pyrolysis experiments

Enquiries to: James Rundel

Victor Chernov ISF-5 Poster

Picture reconstruction of a laminar sooting flame

Enquiries to: Dr Victor Chernov