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Discipline of Paediatrics
Women's and Children's Hospital
Level 2, Clarence Reiger Building
72 King William Road
North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

All enquiries:
Professor Jennifer Couper
Telephone: +618 8161 6242

Our research in bone growth

Our research in bone growth explores the causes of crippling bone impairments in children and aims to develop biological treatments that will benefit children's bone growth, bone mass and long-term bone health. We are focused primarily on the mechanisms and regulation of children's bone growth, including bone growth defects, bone injury and bone repair.

Using in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro models and a wide range of histological, cellular and molecular techniques, our bone growth researchers are specifically interested in bone injury responses and treatments for injured growth plates using stem cells. Our program looks at chemotherapy-induced bone growth defects in childhood cancer patients and the development of preventative treatments, and is concerned with clinical bone stretching surgery known as the "Fitbone" technique.

Our bone growth research is undertaken in collaboration with the Bone Growth and Repair Research Group at the Sansom Institute, University of South Australia. It is supported in part by the Bone Growth Foundation of South Australia, which is committed to improving quality of life for over a quarter of a million Australian children who suffer from bone abnormalities and diseases.

Meet our kids


Seven-year-old Ashtyn has a special brace fitted for his fractured forearm at the Children’s Research Centre, which will help keep his broken radius and ulna bones in place as his body starts to heal.