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Passport to Learning

Children's University Adelaide has exciting learning activities outside your day-to-day school work - so before school, at lunch time, after school or in the school holidays.

The best part is that you get to choose what activities you do, where, when and how you would like to do them. And the things you learn about will be connected to something that you could study at a university, the schools for grown-ups.

Graduation ceremony
See photos from 2015 ceremony

Our Learning Destinations (the fun places you go to do cool things) all have a special Children's University Australia sticker in the window. You go in there and do the activity, take your Passport to Learning with you and get a stamp for the time you spent learning. The more activities you do, the more hours and stamps you will get in your Passport to Learning, and the closer you will be to graduating! There is also an E-Passport online, where you can record your hours, search for upcoming activities, and rate the activities that you have already done, just like Trip Advisor.

Once you have collected enough hours you will graduate at the University of Adelaide. You will be presented with your certificate at a special ceremony, all dressed up in a cap and gown, just like the older university students.

If you want your school to be involved with Children's University Adelaide, contact us and we will send them some information.

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