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Current Research

Housing, Wellbeing and Community Participation of Older Australians

Staying Independent: An interdisciplinary approach to better living of older Australians
Researchers: Michael Sheng, Dr Debbie Faulkner, Kate Barnett and Lina Yao

Hearing the Voices of the Vulnerable in End-of-Life Care Planning
Researchers: Associate Professor Gregory Crawford (School of Medicine), Dr Debbie Faulkner, Teresa Burgess, Jaklin Eliott, Alwin Chong, Bernadette Richards and Tanya Zivkovic

The Rise of the Consumer: Engagement of older people with consumer directed care
Researchers: Professor Andrew Beer, Dr Debbie Faulkner, Professor Jonathan Karnon, Professor Justin Beilby, Ms Charmaine Thredgold, Jeffrey Fiebig (Aged Care & Housing Group), Lynn Openshaw (Resthaven Inc.), Ronda Held (COTA Australia), Graham Custance (Care Connection Ltd), Jacqueline Howard (Anglicare SA) and Dr Janette Hancock (UnitingCare Wesley)

Emerging from the Shadows: The evaluation of intervention strategies to reduce social isolation amongst the aged Researchers: Professor Andrew Beer, Dr Debbie Faulkner, Ms Julia Law, Professor Laurie Buys (QUT), Professor Gill Lewin (Curtin), Dr Rebecca Bentley (UniMelb) and Professor Anthea Tinker (King's College London).  For further information please visit our Social Isolation page.

The Effect of Purpose Built Accommodation on the Wellbeing, Health and Survival of Older Australians
Researchers: Dr Debbie Faulkner, Professor Andrew Beer, Ms Julia Law, Associate Professor Jo Baulderstone and Dr Laurence Lester

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Urban and Regional Development in Australia

The Leadership of Mayors in Australian Local Government
Researcher: Professor Andrew Beer

Women, Executive Careers and Local Government
Researchers: Professor John Martin, Dr Melissa Nursey-Bray (Geography) and Dr Bradley Jorgensen (LaTrobe)

Social Profile of the Eyre and Western Region: Literature review and community analysis
Researchers: Professor Andrew Beer, Ms Charmaine Thredgold and Professor Chris Paris

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Housing Need and Housing Assistance

Homelessness Services in South Australia: Needs, Services and Development
Researcher: Professor Andrew Beer

Housing and Indigenous Disability: Lived experiences of housing and community infrastructure
Researchers: Professor George Zillante (Architecture), Dr Elizabeth Grant (Wilto Yerlo), Mr Alwin Chong (Yaitya Purruna), Dr Jo-Russell-Clarke (Architecture), Professor Andrew Beer and Professor Justin Beilby (Health Sciences)

The Role of Private Rental Support Programs in Housing Outcomes for Vulnerable Australians
Researchers: Associate Professor Susan Oakley (Gender Studies), Dr Selina Tually, Dr Debbie Faulkner, Associate Professor Michele Slatter, Dr Dee Michell (Gender Studies) and Ms Julia Law

Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the STAY Plus Program
Researchers: Dr Selina Tually, Ms Charmaine Thredgold and Associate Professor Jo Baulderstone

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Housing, Wellbeing and Health


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