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About the Centre

The Centre for International Economic Studies (CIES) was established in 1989 by the School of Economics of the University of Adelaide to strengthen teaching and research in the field of international economics and closely related disciplines. Theoretical and empirical, policy-oriented studies are emphasised.

Aims of the Centre

The Centre for International Economic Studies' specific objectives are to:
  •  promote individual and group research by scholars at Adelaide University and associated institutions
  •  strengthen undergraduate and post-graduate education in international and development economics
  •  provide shorter training programs in Australia and elsewhere
  •  conduct seminars, workshops and international conferences for academics and for the wider policy community
  •  publish and promote research results (see CIES Publications)
  •  provide specialised consulting services
  •  improve public understanding of international economic issues, especially among policy makers and shapers

Methodological and empirical research and policy-oriented analysis are emphasised, with particular focus on developments of relevance to the Asia-Pacific Region and the global trading system.

Contract Research, Consulting and Training Services

The Centre is actively involved in contract research and consultancies for a wide range of government and business organisations in Australia and overseas, as well as for numerous international agencies. In recent years CIES research associates have undertaken commissioned research for such Australian groups as ABARE, ACIAR, AusAID, the Business Council of Australia, DFAT, the Productivity Commission and IDP. International agencies that have drawn on the Centre's expertise include ADB, ESCAP, FAO, IFPRI, GATT/WTO, OECD, PBEC, PECC, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, USAID, and the World Bank.

Focus on Asia-Pacific and WTO

Among other things, the Centre's applied research focuses on developments within, or of relevance to, Australia and its Asia-Pacific neighbours, and to the global trading system and its overseer, the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The quality of that research is enhanced by close collaboration between Centre associates and scholars in institutions elsewhere in Australia and abroad.

Centre for International Economic Studies

Level 6, 10 Pulteney Street


Telephone: +61 8 8313 6900
Facsimile: +61 8 8313 6948