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Professor David Giles, Director Centre for Mineral Exploration Under Cover

The School of Earth and Environmental Sciences
G09, Mawson Laboratories
North Terrace Campus

Telephone: +61 8 8303 7361
Facsimile: +61 8 8303 4347

Delamerian Orogen Mineral Systems

Research Theme

Tectonics and Metallogeny 

Project Invesitgators

Doctor Andreas Schmidt-Mumm (CRC LEME)

Professor David Giles

Associate Professor Alan Pring (SA Museum)

Sarah Kucher (Hon. 2007) (Bird-in-Hand)

Adam Tedesco (Hon. 2007) (Kanmantoo)

Project Collaborators

Department of Primary Industry - Vic

Department of Primary Resources - NSW

Hillgrove Resources

Maximus Resources Ltd

Primary Industries and Resources, South Australia (PIRSA)

spacerProject Details

This project aims to establish a tectono-metallogenic model for an important suite of structurally-hosted gold and gold-polysulphide deposits located in the Adelaide Fold Belt of the Delamerian Orogen in South Australia. By understanding the parameters that controlled the mineralising process and the broad geologic environment in which the mineral system operated a geological framework for continuing mineral exploration will be established in this under explored, but potentially well-endowed mineral province.

The specific research questions addressed by this project are:

  • What was the nature of the hydrothermal system and how did it evolve, including pressure-temperature conditions and composition of the mineralising fluids from source to site of deposition?
  • What were the source(s) of metals in the hydrothermal fluids?
  • What was the timing of mineralising events with respect to other key magmatic, metamorphic and deformational events within the orogen; and following from this,
  • What are the key aspects of the geology and tectonic setting that influenced the metallogenic system?
  • How can this information be used to constrain search models and increase the likelihood of exploration success in the Delamerian Orogen?

By answering these questions both a conceptual framework and a process driven (as opposed to empirically driven) rationale will be provided for continuing mineral exploration in the Delamerian Orogen.