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2015 Conferences

The members of CCR attend and present at a variety of conferences across Australia and the world every year. Presenters are indicated by * and members of CCR are in bold.

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Conservation Strategy for the Myeik Archipelago Workshop (IUCN, FFI and Myanmar Department of Fisheries), 27 February, Dawei, Myanmar, Wongthong, P*, Socio-economic Assessment of the Myeik Archipelago  

Stakeholder Consultation Workshop On Developing an Environmental Monitoring System to Strengthen Fisheries and Aquaculture Resilience and to Improve Early Warning in the Lower Mekong Delta, 25-27 March, Bangkok, Thailand, Wong, P P.

Second International Conference on Coastal Erosion (ICCE 2015), 23-24 March, Bangkok, Thailand, Wong, P P*, Invited speaker (Introductory remarks); Invited keynote speaker (IPCC 5th Assessment Report: Implications for Southeast Asian coasts); Chair, Panel Discussion (Coastal protection and management – what is best practice?); Chair, Plenary Session 4 (Coastal climate change and its security implications); invited speaker (Conclusions and recommendations)

Centre for Coastal Research

The Centre for Coastal Research is no longer active. For all coastal research matters, please contact Professor Nick Harvey.